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Rollup Summary Field Triggers Master Record Update
by: [email protected] (Sasid)
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Rollup Summary Field Triggers Master Record Update

Description:    We have taken two custom objects called Gym (which is Master) and object called Gym Equipment (which is Detail). On object – Gym, we have created a roll-up summary field called Count of Equipments which has the Summary Type as Count and Summarized Object as Gym Equipment.

Roll-up Summary Field
  • We have created a record on Gym object with Name as Test Gym 01. For this Gym records, we have created two record of object Gym Equipment.
Child Records of Master
  • Now when we insert another detail record – Gym Equipment, the roll-up summary field at related Gym record gets updated with the value as 3 and Last Modified Date is also updated as it is triggering the update on its Master record.

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July 03, 2022 at 03:00PM
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