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Salesforce Celebrates 20 Years Of Togetherness: Dreamforce 22
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Salesforce Dreamforce 2022

Dreamforce is the flagship conference by Salesforce that offers a complete package of infotainment to the global Salesforce community, including Salesforce enthusiasts, users, partners, professionals, veterans and Trailblazers. Held annually in San Francisco, the convention includes a variety of parties and workshops and brings many networking opportunities. This year the event will be organized in Moscone Center, not far from Salesforce Tower. It is worth mentioning that keeping in mind the present post-covid situation. Salesforce has introduced a virtual event facility for people who cannot attend in-person events. Such virtual audiences can enjoy the event through Salesforce streaming services. In this detailed guide, you will find the key information about accommodation, dates, key speakers, agenda and more details about Dreamforce 2022.

What is Dreamforce?

Dreamforce is an event organized by Salesforce every year since 2013 to provide a common meeting platform for the worldwide salesforce community where they can connect, learn, seek and share thoughts and have fun. In a nutshell, it is an opportunity for global salesforce users & fans to gather, create value for each other, and have a memorable time together.

Here you can hear the inspiring thoughts of tech leaders, expand your creative horizons by listening to motivational stories and stirring ideas, and sneak a peek into the future technology in the keynotes by trailblazers of the industry.

When does Salesforce Celebrate Dreamforce

Every year Dreamforce is organized in September, which marks the beginning of Autumn in San Francisco. This Year, Dreamforce 2022 is scheduled from September 20 to September 22, 2022. The registrations are open now.

All about Dreamforce 2022

Dreamforce is a grand convention for the global Salesforce community to come together on a single platform and help each other to enhance their businesses, improve CRM, build valuable networks and widen their horizons in different ways. In this convention, the Salesforce enthusiasts, experts, and aspirants gather at a common platform to connect, share and seek ideas, learn new things, attend workshops and listen to inspiring keynotes by industry veterans.

#When Dreamforce 2022 Will Happen

The Dreamforce 2022 will be conducted for three days i.e. 20th, 21st, and 22nd September 2022 respectively. It will be available as an in-person and virtual event for those who may not visit personally due to the pandemic. Such people can watch live streaming of the event in an interactive format.

#Dreamforce 2022 Location

Dreamforce will take place in Moscone Center, San Francisco.

Dreamforce 2022 will be hosted at Moscone Center, a convention center owned by the San Francisco Government. It is just four blocks from the Salesforce Tower. Interested audiences who cannot make it to the in-person event due to pandemic situations can take advantage of a unique hybrid combo by Salesforce, Salesforce+. This unique facility allows such persons to enjoy live streaming and on-demand events. Salesforce+ is a streaming service by Salesforce where you can enjoy live events in an interactive format right from the comforts of your house.

#Dreamforce 2022 Registration Process

  • For registration, audiences can visit the registration page and click the registration button visible in the top right position. After creating an account, click register.
  • You will be redirected to a page including registration details, Agenda Builder, and various recommended sessions relevant to you.
  • Note: The Connections, World Tour NYC, or World Tour London members can use their existing credentials to sign in directly. Provide some more details, choose your conference pass and hotel, and you are pretty much done.
  • People with specific requirements can select yes, corresponding to the accessibility requirements dialogue. It will prompt the sales force team to contact the member and do the needful.

Important Information

  • Pricing: Up to August 9th, the pricing will be $1299 and post that date, the prices will be increased by $700.
  • Pass Validity: The validity of the full conference pass is valid from the 20th to September 22nd. It entails community networking, keynote access, theater sessions, circles of Success roundtable discussions, Dreamfest, the welcome reception, lunch and refreshments, and hands-on workshops.
  • Updating: You can update your registration by logging in with your credentials. Additional assistance: If you still need assistance, contact the Dreamforce Help Desk from 6:00 am–6:00 pm PT:
  • Meals Information: Keeping in mind the diverse needs of wider audiences, Salesforce will also have the option for zero gluten, vegetarian and vegan options along with Halal/Kosher meals (to be specified at the time of registration). Alternatively, you can also directly call the team to discuss your special meal requirements.

Special Notes: As a socially oriented, responsible company, Salesforce has set some strict health & safety guidelines and reserves a right to cancel the registration without refund for defaulters. So make sure you carefully read and follow these guidelines.

#Dreamforce 2022 Accommodation Privilege

Salesforce has already reserved different hotels around San Francisco, and you can choose your room in the hotel section. There is a limited period discount on booking, and the limited inventory means the room will be available on a first-come/booked basis. Booking rooms after 26th august will attract the regular, undiscounted prices.

You can directly book your hotel online while completing your registration process. If preferred, you can also add a hotel at a later date by logging in with your credentials and selecting the hotel. You can also get direct personal assistance on hotel-related queries by contacting the helpdesk anytime between 6 am and 6 pm (PT).

Here are phone numbers: U.S./Canada: +1-866-855-3818 International: +1-650-416-8832 Alternatively, you can also mail the team at: [email protected].

#Who will be the Speakers of Dreamforce 2022

The speakers of Dreamforce 2022 include influential personalities like Matthew McConaughey, a highly acclaimed actor, Dr Jane Goodall DBE- English primatologist and anthropologist, and Irish singer/songwriter Bono.

#Who can and Why Attend Dreamforce 2022

Who Will Attend Dreamforce 2022

Technically, Salesforce welcomes every attendee at the event, and there are no restrictions based on profile, profession, or other criteria. That said, the conference would be especially beneficial for Salesforce developers, businesses using CRM (Salesforce &/or others), and organizations that want to deliver a better customer experience. Some of the ideal profiles of the majority of audiences could be (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Salesforce administrators
  • Salesforce developers
  • Salesforce architects
  • Connections
  • Salesforce Trailblazers
  • CEOs
  • Customer service executives/team leaders
  • Marketing professionals
Agenda of Dreamforce 2022

In this conference, you can make valuable connections with the community to help your venture grow and prosper. It also allows you to enhance your Salesforce knowledge. Explore certificate opportunities, new developments, and real-life benefits/implementation and enjoy demos of innovative products offered directly by product experts. In short, it is a fully packed event where you can grow and learn while building some valuable connections/friends.


Dreamforce, the annual Salesforce community convention organized by Salesforce, will be held this year at the Moscone Center convention center in San Francisco from the 20th September to September 22nd 2022. In this post, we explained in detail most of the key FAQs related to Dreamforce. The blog answers all the general questions of interested attendees, like accommodation, what to expect, agenda, speakers and more. Readers are advised to refer to the blog and review the relevant information before visiting the conference. Alternatively, there is a hybrid option, respecting the post-covid guidelines. Along with visually visiting the event’s live stream, you can also choose the specific session you may want to attend in person. So, visiting this grand event by Salesforce is worth considering whether you are a Salesforce enthusiast, expert or corporate user.

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