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The Importance of a CRM Communication Plan During Implementation
by: Ledgeview Partners
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Having a CRM communication plan is crucial, especially during implementation. To promote user adoption, try communicating “Up, Down, and Out.”

CRM implementation and upgrade projects are exciting but sometimes challenging for organizations. Change isn’t easy, so communicating CRM updates is imperative if you want new processes to stick.

With decades of experience helping organizations set up and manage CRM, here are our CRM communication plan tips.

Throughout our experiences, we’ve seen that communicating “Up, Down, and Out” can help promote user adoption. Including the tactics below in your CRM communication plan can help you cater to different needs.

Communicate Up: Communicate successes, milestones, and budget updates to executive sponsors, managers, and other senior-level stakeholders. You’ll want to highlight project scope updates to this group and emphasize what accomplishing each task means to the organization. Manager meetings generally are a great place to share this information.

Communicate Down (or Across): Schedule update meetings at appropriate intervals throughout the project timeline with people who will be using CRM most. Use this time to have your CRM project manager work with CRM users to identify pain points, debunk misconceptions, and emphasize CRM benefits. Knowing that the system will help them with their day-to-day activities will help bolster user adoption.

Communicate Out: Maintain regular communication with your implementation partner. Your implementation partner is an external consultant or vendor company that provides the technical expertise to set up the CRM solution. It’s better to over communicate than under communicate with your implementation partner – because you probably know your business much better than they do.

How you communicate with CRM users before, during, and after your CRM project also is important.

Communicate to your team before the project kicks off. This could be done with pre-planning meetings, project update emails, or even by hosting a project kickoff party to engage the team.

During the project, communication will be extremely important. One of the communication tactics we use is a project newsletter sent twice per month. The project newsletter can include training tips, case studies (which may be provided by your implementation partner), and process communication to define what business areas or processes will be impacted.

After the project launches, it’s important to maintain consistent communication. Consider emailing CRM tips and user experience surveys on a regular schedule to keep the momentum going. There is no endpoint, only continuous user adoption and education.

Open and consistent communication throughout your CRM implementation or upgrade project helps to keep the project in scope, on schedule, and in budget. For more CRM communication plan tips, please contact us.

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