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Twilio Integration with Salesforce - 2 Important Techniques
by: Mansi Tyagi
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Twilio is a cloud communications platform as a PAAS  that allows developers to programmatically create / receive / receive / receive / receive / receive / receive messages and other functions using the Web Services API. This blog is to send SMS.

The first steps you need here are to create a Twilio trial account on When you create an account, you must take the Twilio number to send a message through the Twilio API.

weeks. After receiving the phone number, you must check the number of sending messages. Also, make sure you turn on the area where you want to send the message to the Global Privilege page.

This blog shows two approaches to send messages. The first is to establish a secondary library that Twilio provides Salesforce. Another approach is that you create a user APEX class and send a message using the HTTP method.

Technique 1:

It provides a secondary library that can be installed as an unmanaged package to send a message. In your Twilio account, click Documentation > Support Library. From the tabs on the left side of the SDK page, choose Salesforce. Click the "twiliosalesforce project" link to go to the Github page. Scroll down the More Info section and click the link to install the library as an unmanaged package.

You are prompted to log in to Salesforce. Use your credentials and log in to your organisation. Install packages for all users. Check the box to allow access to third-party websites and install. The Twilio library should appear under your organization's installed packages. Twilio sets a series of vertex classes and settings for remote sites. ORG is required when sending SMS.

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Technique 2:

This is the second way to send SMS to a proven phone that generates a custom class. You do not need to install the auxiliary library in IT. So let's start.

First, use the URL to create remote site settings. This is used to send messages by connecting Salesforce org for the Twilio API.

Now open the developer console and create a new class. Call his Twilliosishe.

I used APEX integration classes such as HTTP, HttpRequest, and HttPresponse to communicate with Twilio API. I set up a SID account authentication code and set up a request header according to the Twilio API through a POST request.

Open an anonymous run window and type "TwilioSendSMS.sendSMS();" Click Run. The phone number sent to phNumber should be able to receive SMS with content written in smsBody.

In summary, Salesforce and Twilio integration is very convenient for sales reps. Sales reps can now track every lead they contact and easily respond as they navigate the organization. This contributes to everyone's convenience, faster and more accurate response times and significant improvements in customer relationships. We are going to publish another blog that will be the second part of the Twilio and Salesforce blog integration. Here I will show you how to get messages from your phone to your Salesforce org. 

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