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Why Work With a Salesforce Partner? Here are All the Reasons
by: Cloudsquare
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A lot of companies are looking to implement Salesforce as a valuable tool to help them automate processes, strengthen customer relationships, and more. Implementing Salesforce can be a bit intimidating, especially if you do not have experience working with CRM platforms. Luckily, there are registered Salesforce partners that can work with your company to come up with a solution that works for you. Here are some of the benefits of working with a Salesforce Partner: 

Save Time Internally

Implementing Salesforce can take time, patience and experience. Not every company has experience working with Salesforce and they do not have the bandwidth to build their own Salesforce platform in-house. Instead of hiring an in-house administrator and developer for the sole purpose of developing Salesforce, your company can contract a registered Salesforce partner to take the lead and help to build a solid foundation, introduce processes, and train your team on how to effectively use Salesforce to drive user adoption. 

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Specialists for Your Industry

A significant benefit of working with a Salesforce partner is that your company has access to specialists for your particular industry. For example, Cloudsquare, a Salesforce consulting company has worked with businesses that fall under the categories of General Business, FinServ, Healthcare, and others. Working with a Salesforce specialist that has experience working with companies that are similar to yours, sets your company up for guaranteed success. In addition, a Salesforce partner can take a proactive approach and consult on best practices for your industry. 

Proven Company Success

Many companies today are choosing to integrate Salesforce for daily use. Since most companies are unfamiliar with Salesforce before getting started, working with a registered Salesforce partner helps them use the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) more productively than if they were to do it on their own. When a company makes the decision to migrate to CRM, they are never disappointed with the results. California Energy Contractors, a company that is focused on making homes more energy efficient, is an example of a company that was able to work with Cloudsquare to implement Salesforce and in turn boost their sales by 24% and leads by 45%. Before working with a partner to find their Salesforce solution, California Energy was relying on manual processes for almost all of their lead generation and sales processes. Although the company immediately benefitted from faster automated processes and increased sales, they now have access to valuable qualitative and quantitative customer data that will help them gain insights for future use.  

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Salesforce Certified

A company that is a registered Salesforce partner has gone through a due diligence review completed by Salesforce. In addition, a partner must have several Salesforce certifications and approval from Salesforce before they are considered a partner. Being a partner means that you are certified to implement and consult about Salesforce with other companies. When you work with a trusted Salesforce partner such as Cloudsquare, you are setting yourself up for seamless, easy implementation that will allow your employees to feel comfortable working with Salesforce. 

In order to keep up with the fast-paced age of technology, companies are implementing Salesforce with the help of partners to save time, receive industry-specific consulting, and see immediate boosts in revenue. Working with a registered Salesforce partner is an investment in your company’s growth. 

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