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4 Top Features of Salesforce Partner Portal To Increase Business Revenue
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Salesforce partner portal enables your business partner who isn’t a part of your organization to log in to your Salesforce account easily. It will help your company by enhancing communication, empowering collaboration, increasing ROI, and easing your indirect sales channel. With its security and management capabilities, you can have multiple partners on board, give them a view of your business, manage investments, track activities, provide limited access, view insights, etc.

In this article, we will talk about the features of the Salesforce partner portal and the benefits you can get from them:

Features You Must Have in a Salesforce Partner Portal

Customization is always an option, but there are some of the 'must-have' features in your Salesforce partner portal. These features will ensure smooth and interactive partner portal results.

  • Database Management

This is one of the important features you must have in your partner portal. This feature will help you get more leads in the database. Once you have leads and their details, this feature will integrate them with a workflow.

  • Role-based Access

With this feature, you can secure sensitive data by enabling limited access. You can restrict people from opening the data or changing it. With this feature, you can decide what authority you want to give people. If you want some partners to view the data and not make changes, you can restrict them from editing it with this feature. All documents will be safe and secure.

  • Purchase & Invoicing

With this feature, you can enable, edit, and manage discounts exceptionally for partners. It even generates POs, invoices, etc. This will save the records to see insights whenever you want.

  • Asset Repository

This feature is a magic wand for you if you wish to access asset repositories without hassle from a partner portal. It will enable you to store the marketing and sales materials.

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What are the Benefits of a Partner Portal

Don’t you want to know the results of having all the above features? I have mentioned all the benefits you can get from the ‘must-have’ features.

Partner Focused

A partner portal is made for partners, which means it needs to be a portal focused on enhancing a partner's experience, securing their data, and enabling them easy access to the business insights.

Personalization is an excellent way to tailor the portal per partner's choices and enhance their overall experience. With a partner portal, you can provide personalized search results, insights, menus, etc. With the Salesforce partner portal, you can provide personalization in the maximum fields and have more partners invest in your firm.

Enhanced Collaboration

One of the main reasons to have a partner portal is to enhance communication and collaboration, and the Salesforce partner portal does that beautifully. With a central system, you can communicate everything smoothly and securely. This will save ample time that could have been wasted on sending individual emails.

Easy to Access

Salesforce partner portal provides hassle-free access to admin and channel partners. With this feature, people with access to the portal can manage, view, and edit the resources at any time from any device. Also, there will constantly be synchronizing among channel partners, so the communication is done without delay and with security.

Document Management

Documents are the real asset of any business. With the partner portal's outstanding and reliable security, you can save, maintain, and manage all the sales, channel partner, and product-related documents. This will have central and role-based access to provide you with the best security and easy access.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile phones are a vital part of human lives due to their convenience to access everything from anywhere. Salesforce partner portal provides a mobile-friendly partner portal to provide convenience for accessing documents and viewing insights from anywhere. It has a mobile responsive interface that ensures you and your partners never have trouble navigating or using features.

Easy KPIs Measuring

A partner portal is a perfect tool if you want to gain instant and accurate key insights into your data. It will help you to recognize where improvements or investment is necessary. It provides detailed insight into all the departments like sales, performance, engagement, partner activities, etc. You will also know which areas are doing great and can do better to gain more revenue, investment, and engagement. Your partners can also know from these insights if they want to continue investing in your firm or not.

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Unified Dashboard

The partner portal is a single point of access for your business partners. They don't need any other tools as they can have every update they want from the portal. You can retrieve and receive data of any kind, decide on goals together, evaluate leads, have accurate insights, etc.

To get all this, they just need a unified dashboard that Salesforce provides in their partner portal. Here, they can navigate and find every feature easily. This will enhance your partner's experience.

Wrapping Up

The Salesforce partner portal has a bundle of benefits that can benefit your partners and nourish the communication. You can have your portal customized in a way you want, with features you want, to get the desired benefits. Here, there is also scope for complete customization. You just need to contact a company that provides excellent Salesforce partner portal service and customization.

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