Automate This! — Use Text Templates in Record-Triggered Flows with Nana Gregg : Nana Gregg

Automate This! — Use Text Templates in Record-Triggered Flows with Nana Gregg
by: Nana Gregg
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Welcome to another “Automate This!” In this live-streamed video series, we cover all things automation, from use cases and best practices to showcasing solutions built by #AwesomeAdmin Trailblazers like you. With automation, you can remove manual tasks, drive efficiency, and eliminate friction and redundancy. In this episode, four community Flow experts showcase a Flow feature you can use in record-triggered flows. This blog post covers the Text Template feature Nana Gregg showcased during the episode.

There are some amazing Flow features that have come out since the inception of Flow. For those who’ve used Flow since the beginning, I suspect we tend to stick with our old tried and true methods. For newbies, learning about the newer features can be daunting.

One of the features I think is often underutilized is Text Templates!

Dynamic text for all the things

There are so many amazing use cases for text templates in record-triggered flows. Let’s start with a few examples.

When someone updates an opportunity to various stages, you want to create Chatter posts that use field values from the opportunity, account, and record owner.

Or, how about when a new hot account is created? You want to send an email to the account or territory owner about the new account, including some details from the record so they have everything they need at their fingertips. Or, perhaps you’d like to send a Slack message to the Sales Team channel so they can help collaborate on the new account.

When a case gets created, you can send the case contact an email confirming the case was created, and then create a task for the support team to complete certain steps as they work the support case.

A record-triggered flow using text templates.

Make it pretty! Oh, so pretty!

Did I mention, with text templates, you can use either the plain text or rich text format?

Bold, underlining, bullets, images… everything your little heart can imagine and design using HTML or the Rich Text formatter.

So, you can really step up your game and give your end users a fabulous user experience. You’ll want to play around with both formats as you prepare your templates. Some things, like Email Subjects, need to be plain text. You can tell pretty quickly with testing what works where.

Text template using rich text.

Text template using plain text.

Oh, the possibilities!

So now you know that you can use text templates in Flow as souped-up mail merge docs for all the things.

Think about the possibilities in other types of flows as well!

Have an Experience site where someone fills out a screen flow form? Gather their data in your flow and send them a confirmation email with the data they entered.

Chatter posts are a great way to replace emails for internal notifications. Use a subflow with various decisions and templates based on the notification type needed. Pass your input variables into the subflow to populate your text templates. Keep all your notifications in one place for easy maintenance.

Have you used Text Templates? Try it! I think you’ll like it! It’s a simple feature that can really give you more bang for the buck.


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