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How Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud has Revolutionized Store Management Services?
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As per the research data, the global retail market reported revenue of 26 trillion-plus dollars in 2021 and is expected to exceed 30 trillion dollars by 2024. This signifies that consumer goods corporations seek opportunities to improve their retail execution and establish deep connections with customers along the whole value chain.

Salesforce, a market leader providing the best customer relationship management tools, recently launched a new cloud called Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud.

Let’s get to the detailed discussion on Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud and how it will revolutionize store management systems.

A piece on the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud is a comprehensive cloud solution created by Salesforce to manage consumer products, perform retail planning, and optimize store visits.

Launching this cloud-primarily aims to develop cooperative relationships, facilitate growth and produce high sales. With an emphasis on audit accuracy and business growth via outpacing the competition, it performs as the best retail management software.

The ability of brands to effectively manage their operations is essential. That’s when Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud shows its charm by adding value to the operational management of brands by fetching various benefits like ease of use and quick deployment. It can also gather information about history, demographics, and location to build a thorough consumer profile across all touchpoints. 

A variety of consumer goods businesses, including those in the personal care, cosmetics, food, beverage, and healthcare industries, can access the supply chain using the Consumer Goods Cloud, as it’s one of the prime components of the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform (It is an integrated platform that brings together different business units of the organization and provides them access to a single shared view of customer data, helping them in delivering their clients a comprehensive shopping experience.)

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud’s most noticeable and prominent features

We all now have a fair-square idea of how the Consumer Goods Cloud will break down the complexities faced by consumer goods companies. So now, let’s move on to the Consumer Goods Cloud’s prominent features:

1. Enhancement in Visitor Planning

Field sales representatives get access to a list of the day’s prioritized shop visits, suggested and mandatory activities, and an in-app map feature for intelligent routing. Additionally, field sales representatives can recognize additional opportunities for their goods while analyzing the health of their business throughout all stores.

2. Effective Use of Einstein AI

It tends to boost adherence and product distribution. Inventory, planogram, and merchandising compliance checks are made simple by the cloud-based image recognition and object identification technology of Einstein Vision.

3. Efficiency in Time Management 

Field professionals may spend less on audits and more time building relationships with clients, all thanks to the Consumer Goods Cloud.

Without physically counting and entering the data into the system, a sales representative may, for instance, take a shelf picture and instantly know if it is set up correctly.

4. Enhance the functionality of each visit.

Sales people have access to templates that can be customized based on the type of store or industry, which enables them to ensure that specific store requirements are met each time, right from their mobile device, from stock and planogram inspections to return order fulfillment and evaluations. 

5. Improved Task Management

It validates that sales agents completed all their assigned tasks and submitted accurate reports, providing executives with a comprehensive understanding of the visit.

6. Order Flexibility and Data Capture

A salesperson can obtain orders during a store visit through wireless order gathering capabilities and gather vital information such as product, quantity, and pricing.

How AI helps SCGC to be a next-level platform?

Every firm continues to place a high focus on customer service. Businesses are increasingly using Salesforce Einstein AI to service their consumers better and build their reputations. Here are a few instances of how Salesforce Einstein AI helps provide the best possible customer service:

  • It Anticipates the Next Best Action

Salesforce Customer-related Einstein AI raises the bar for innovation to entirely new heights. Through predictive analysis, Einstein assists in giving sales representatives helpful guidance to improve client relations. It helps the agents choose the next move that will enhance customer connections. This enables the company to take advantage of the cross-selling potential and achieve maximum client satisfaction.

  • Generate Useful Information from Past Customer Data.

Nothing is more valuable than your previous client data to improve your company and forecast patterns for the future. Businesses can access wave apps and discover future business process patterns. All credit goes to Einstein analytics. Organizations can learn insights about previous reviews and current trends using smart data. The reviews help companies plan for the future, improve customer experience, and get the best results.

  • Cut down the handle.

Businesses are no longer forced to spend additional time responding to customer requests. Every day, Einstein bots assist in efficiently addressing all consumer queries. As a result, businesses may provide smarter and quicker client services with less handling time, which will thrill customers more. 

  • Easy Case Routing

Salesforce Einstein AI provides automatic case routing based on patterns and user history. A product may sometimes contain flaws that can harm a company’s reputation. The development of Salesforce Einstein AI aids in automatically directing cases of known product defects to sales professionals. Additionally, it offers guidance to agents to ensure efficient issue management. As a result, it improves the agents’ effectiveness and productivity while enabling them to serve customers more quickly.

  • Rejuvenate the Customer Experience

With the help of inbuilt AI in the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, businesses can successfully address particular concerns by using the suggested cases, improving customer experiences, and delivering high-quality customer service. For example, it might sometimes be challenging to respond to customer queries. In addition to making recommendations, it enables the company to respond to consumer inquiries with the correct information and smoothly transit a customer-oriented mindset.

Serviceable Tips for Implementing SCGC

Not only is the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud fruitful for consumer goods businesses, but it could also be one of the greatest assets for retail store management companies. To ensure that everything fits right into the puzzle, we are suggesting some workable tips to make the implementation process of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud for your business a smooth one:

1. Create a Retail Store Data Report.

The names of retail stores may come from the retailer’s system and may not always follow the logic ideal for your own CRM. Retail store lists may be lengthy and provided to you in various formats. As an example of a good naming convention, in our recommendation, you should use store type, area, and city. Depending on the number and density of your establishments in a particular region, you might need to use numbering instead of just the street name as an additional feature.

2. Take advantage of Map Visualisation for altering territories.

You can naturally organize our data in fields and lists, even with thousands of retailers and locations. Sales Managers can visualize and modify store assignments thanks to the capabilities of Salesforce Maps and the data you upload to the Consumer Goods Cloud. In addition, you can use the Consumer Goods Cloud if your territory planning is more complex. You can purchase and use a supplement called Territory Planning.

3. Create and refine advanced visit plans for maps.

Based on several sales areas, store priorities, and anticipated visit quantities, the engine strives to design the optimum routes and visits for your sales reps. It takes some time to iterate over the priorities, sales region sizes, and an anticipated number of visits when setting up the planning engine. Try to repeat with your Salesforce partner on various scenarios to see different results based on altering the inputs to the system.

4. Give Sales Agents Clarity on Advanced Visit Planning

All the sales agents operating the routes must understand how the routes work and the potential benefits of passing some stores. Despite this, it is still a wise idea to view the routes as primary suggestions, and sales representatives need the ability to arrange commercial trips as needed quickly.

5. Utilize leaderboards and chat on home pages.

For FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods) firms to develop their brands and engage with their end-users, direct interaction with retailers at the point of sale continues to be essential. Building brand foundations and positioning products and campaigns are crucial and enjoyable tasks in retail operations. For a customer, it is necessary that sales representatives quickly and easily compare one another on quarterly duties and discuss their findings from a shop visit. 


The experienced Salesforce Consultancy offered by Cyntexa will help you effectively utilize the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud and make the most of your retail management software. Additionally, you may benefit from Salesforce connections to unify all your business software on a single platform and boost productivity to keep up with the times. Your company isn’t utilizing Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud to achieve optimal retail execution. Don’t let your customers wait to receive the top-notch retail store experience; immediately implement Salesforce in retail with ease and increase your sales with Cyntexa

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