Architect Mindset : Amit Chaudhary

Architect Mindset
by: Amit Chaudhary
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Architect  Mindset is a thought process to Look at the bigger picture. Recommend simplified solutions to solve complex problems.

Road Map to become Architect

Consultant tp Salesforce Architect

Expectations from an Architect

Understand: The architect should understand the current objectives, pain areas, and context of the project. He should be curious, ask questions and should able to see bigger picture.

Analyze: The architect should understand and use his knowledge, experience, and skill sets to analyze. For that, he need to spend time on continuous learning, upskilling, tech trends, implications, foresight.

Solve: Come up with options and recommend one. To do that he needs to Articulation, Justification, Convincing, and Ownership.

Who’s an Architect

Who is Salesforce Architect
  • Design for scalability, performance and security
  • Design the organization strategy 
  • Design the data model, data and process integrations
  • Identity and access, security model, devops strategy
  • Account for large data volumes and data privacy/visibility needs. 
  • Advocates dev best practices, mentors devs/admins, reviews code, conducts PoC/PoVs


Engage with people, be curious and justify your approach

Architect Mindset application steps 

Depth vs Breadth

Architect Mindset Video

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September 24, 2022 at 06:30PM
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