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What is Nintex? A comprehensive Overview and Guide on Nintex
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what is nintex?

With the advancing technology, we are learning about new ways and products to automate more of our manual tasks and in many ways of automation like Bot creation, Workflow building and implementation and Robotic Process Automation. Currently, there are various tools for supporting automation methods. Still, today we are going to discuss a globally looked forward brand for process automation, and that brand is well known as Nintex. It facilitates simple business processes, and its workflow automation software has taken organizations of all sizes – from small businesses to large enterprises – to the next level with everything from essential business functions to company-wide processes with just a few clicks.

Here we are defining the comprehensive guide of Nintex and their benefits and more about their products and services.

What is Nintex?

Nintex is a leading organization that helps businesses and individuals around the globe set up their process intelligence and automation platforms. Nintex Process Platforms incorporate many products that automate mundane tasks and enhance productivity to a great level.

The statistics show that 10,000 plus organizations worldwide are operating efficiently and more quickly due to the presence of Nintex Process Platforms. These organizations are speeding up their digital transformation journeys because of Nintex Process Platforms.

The vast customer base explains exactly what Nintex is and why it is so well known amongst businesses and the automation world. Before we look into what products Nintex offers, let us see the benefits that make it stand out from its competitors.

Key Benefits of Nintex

One of the crucial yet most simple forms of process automation and intelligence is workflow automation. Nintex is known around the globe for its simple and effective automation solutions and implementation services. A trusted and technologically advanced platform provider, it offers a robust workflow and RPA automation platform, along with the ability to connect workflows and bots to SharePoint.

Other benefits of Nintex are as follows :
1. Easy-to-use Platform
Nintex being the largest facilitator of workflow and other automation solutions, is expected to be complex both to use and design, but it is quite an easy-to-use platform for both developers as well as users due to its easy-to-use yet efficient customer interface. Nintex offers a lower cost of ownership than any other solution, along with well-connected service, support, and immediate deployment.
2. Ease Deployment Process

Be it any form of a cloud solution, traditional cloud, premise, or hybrid, Nintex comprises a lot of deployment and licensing solutions which are very much flexible about deployment processes. These huge options offered by Nintex help businesses license their SharePoint and Office 365 platforms quickly, allowing them to adapt for the future in the present time.

3. No Code Needed

There is no need for code or additional software installation to set up Nintex as it is designed to keep customers’ ease in mind. This platform is designed as a no-code platform while keeping the industry standards in the eye so that even new users won’t have to struggle with codes and can experience the power of Nintex workflows.

4. No Extra Hardware or Software Needed

There is no requirement to install any extra software like Kerberos or Silverlight to work with Sharepoint over the Nintex Platform. Yes, that’s correct; installing Nintex is a game of minutes where there is no need to install any follow-up or supporting applications.

5. Design and Develop Promptly

Nintex workflows are designed and developed in a way that allows the publishing of workflows as soon as the workflows are developed. Nintex doesn’t require additional compilation, packaging, and deployment after every workflow development; instead, it picks up the changes and adds them to the next iteration run.

6. User Connect and Extend with Nintex Live

Nintex even offers mobile and a live form for better user functionality. Nintex Live is a set of tools developed to enhance the productivity of the workflows. Whether it is a social channel update or using platforms like Dropbox, along with exploring geo-location services, Nintex Live provides many options to incorporate into their workflows and enhance its functionality.

7. Customization At Every Point
Nintex comes with error rectification and checking capabilities which make moderation easier because there is no more stress of sitting and going through the whole automation if it fails, as the error points will be highlighted.
8. Get Mobile Format
The Nintex Mobile format allows users to work on forms, tasks, and approvals on the go from any device. This feature helps organizations enhance their productivity.
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What Products Does Nintex Offer?

After exploring the benefits Nintex holds for businesses, it is time to explore what products Nintex has under its roof to address various business requirements.

Nintex Workflow Cloud

It’s never been easy to automate, manage and optimize business workflow and processes. But with the Nintex Workflow cloud, you can easily design and deploy robust workflow applications in an easy-to-configure way that diminishes manual work through clicks, not code.

Nintex Forms

Nintex forms for SharePoint presents an easier way of data management and collection by using SharePoint forms, which can be used over any device and will receive data directly on SharePoint. These forms can be made as auto-generating forms, which will be triggered on specific conditions of the existing communication channels of the organization. This product helps ease tasks at support desks or finance departments where the same work and requests are often addressed with few variations to the data.

Nintex RPA

Nintex RPA solutions help to address high-volume repetitive tasks in an easy and automated manner with minimal human interference and optional instruction sets. It acts just like a virtual desktop assistant, enhancing data quality and accuracy and maximizing productivity with less complexity. Nintex has launched a new version of Nintex RPA called Nintex RPA Central. Nintex RPA Central is being brought up to the users with a better and more functional UI. This new design would comprise various new capabilities and optimized navigation allowing users to manage their RPA Bot Flows in a better and more efficient way.

Nintex Drawloop Docgen

Nintex Drawloop Docgen is a no-code tool for the Salesforce environment, which works natively under Salesforce Sales Cloud. This product automates the document generation process and allows the creation of consistent documents over the Salesforce platform reducing the errors that happen due to manual document generation.

Nintex Analytics

It is a customizable product of Nintex which provides information in the form of dashboards and charts. It monitors workflow performances and interprets critical data into visual representation formats, over which analysis can be done quickly to take necessary actions.

Nintex Mobile

This product allows users to access all features of the Nintex platform on the go. With Nintex Mobile, you can develop, edit, and approve business processes anywhere, on any device. This product benefits organizations that function primarily over remote locations and is not based on a fixed location. Nintex works for both SharePoint and Office 365, online and offline.

Nintex AppStudio

Nintex AppStudio is like an app store that comprises tailored workflow solutions according to various requirements. The app studio consists of applications for mobile devices, and they are deployed over devices with the help of Nintex Workflow Cloud, on-premises SharePoint Environments, and Office 365.

Nintex Promapp

Nintex Promapp is used by business groups to enhance customer engagement and improve processes. It allows business professionals to work more efficiently by providing an easy-to-collaborate platform. Nintex promapp allows personalization of dashboards, content, analytics etc., which makes things easier for business people.

Workflow for Office 365

Nintex workflow for Office 365 is for Office 365 Sharepoint Online version. With this help, users can create automations in the point-and-click method. It helps to integrate workflows and enhance the usability of content and data in workflows and other automations.

Workflow for Sharepoint

Nintex workflow for Sharepoint supports essential functions to company-wide customized processes, which can be done over Sharepoint. It comes as Sharepoint on-premise versions such as Nintex for SharePoint 2013, Nintex for SharePoint 2016 and Nintex for SharePoint 2019. This product enables Sharepoint to build workflows more efficiently and faster through a drag-drop browser-based platform.

Nintex Assuresign

Nintex assures sign is a security enhancement product which secures digital signatures taken over the platform. It has a drag-and-drop interface which allows users to create and sign up their documents, forms etc., digitally, anytime and anywhere.

How Does Nintex Work?

Nintex comprises various products under its shade. All of the products are based on automated and intelligent processing technology.

Nintex obtains data from the user along with the instruction, and after that, the Nintex workflow works on its own over devices providing output until the workflow satisfies the requirements. It uses drag-and-drop designing tools, making visualizing the automation easier for users. Due to their integrated deployment schemes, automation is recorded across systems in various content repositories, making significant and minor deployments easier. It even allows immediate and automated personalization methods, automatic generation signatures, etc., along with easier collaboration due to several communication channels spread across platforms of advanced technologies like the cloud.

Final Thoughts

According to statistics, Nintex currently has 8000+ customers in over 90 countries worldwide. Nintex is not just a company providing a single kind of automation solution; it even has functionalities that work along with the Salesforce environment after its integration with Salesforce. The above benefits clearly define why Nintex is a pioneer in its field and provides a clear idea about how Nintex can benefit its business. Knowing the power of Nintex and its popularity, Cyntexa understands its capabilities which is why we work over the Nintex platforms as well, how it can ease out tasks of businesses and boost their productivity which is why we have skilled professionals to help businesses implement Nintex in their organizations. We are Nintex Premier Partner, you can reach out to us to learn more about Nintex Development services.

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