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2022 Wave 2: What’s New for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing
by: Ledgeview Partners
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing 2022 wave 2 release features aim to help you raise the bar on your marketing campaigns—reaching new levels of scale and personalization. Since relationships aren’t built upon a single interaction, these new features can help marketers collaborate with team members across your organization to craft engaging customer experiences throughout the customer journey using different communication channels. In short, there are more tools to help you connect with your prospective customers when and where they’d prefer.

To learn more about what’s new for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, check out the updates below.

Incremental Journey Updates

With the 2022 wave 2 release, you now can make light edits to live journeys, such as renaming elements and adjusting goal percentages—without creating new versions. In addition, Dynamics 365 Marketing automatically version-tracks each update, and each change is available for auditing. This helps unclutter the journey list and can give your team peace of mind when making changes.

New Segment Builder

The new segment builder can create efficiencies by intuitively creating contact and lead segments. In marketing, a segment is a group of people who share one or more similar attributes. Now you can build segments by describing them in natural language or by using the drag-and-drop logic builder that doesn’t require specialized knowledge of complex data structures and logical operators.

It enables you to:

  • Create segments based on attribute data for contacts and leads.
  • Explore all attributes in the right pane and add them to your queries to create more complex logic (shown below).
  • Preview the number of segment members as part of the segment creation process.
  • Use natural language to aid the segment creation experience. (Learn more about natural language queries for segmentation here.)

New Brand Profiles

If your organization has multiple brands, you now can create multiple brand profiles or profiles for each of your business units. This can help you create easily identifiable messages and reduce content-related errors.

This new feature lets you:

  • Define default senders for emails.
  • Set default social links.
  • Extend your brand profile entity with custom fields or values that can be added when creating content.

Artificial Intelligence for Email Ideas

Take the guesswork out of content selection for your email campaigns with artificial intelligence (AI). This new functionality uses AI to generate email content ideas and is built on a machine learning model called GPT-3, which trains on a vast amount of text samples from the internet.

You can review the suggestions and make edits if needed. Fundamentally, it works to boost creativity while keeping messaging on point.

Another 2022 wave 2 email update to note is that monthly maximum interaction limits have increased. Dynamics 365 Marketing customers now can reach up to 100 million contacts or leads and send up to 300 million messages per month.

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