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Approval Process in Salesforce - A Short Guide
by: bhawana sharma
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Hello everyone, in this Blog we will discuss Approval Process. An Approval process in Salesforce automates how records are approved inside our org. It allows us to define a series of steps to automate the process of approving the records. It specifies each step of approval which includes from whom to approve the request and what to do at each point during the process. 

How to Navigate to Approval Process?

Step 1: First go to setup and then select the ‘create’ button. 

Step 2: From there you will see the ‘workflow and approvals’ and then click on it. 

Step 3: Select the ‘Approval Processes’ button and here you will be moved to approval Processes.

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Now let’s discuss the steps required to create a new approval process:

Step 1: Launch the approval process wizard. 

Step 2: Specify the name and its description. For example, here we are choosing Account and then creating a new approval process button and selecting the use standard setup wizard. Then enter the name, its unique name, and its description. 

Step 3: Specify the criteria for entering the process. In this step, we have to define the criteria for which the records need to go through the approval process and it must be defined if we want to work with specific criteria on the field. 

Step 4: Specify the approver field and record editability. Here we have to decide who will be approving the record and who can modify the record while it’s in the approval process.  

Step 5: Select the email notification template. In this, we have to select the email template that will be used to notify approvers that an approval request has been assigned to them. 

Step 6: In this step, we have to configure the approval page layout and here we have to select the fields to display on the approval request page. We also checked the box to allow the approval history to the part of the approval page layout. Adding the approval history to the page layout can be helpful when there is the potential for the record to be submitted for approval many times. 

Step 7: The last step is the specify initial submitters. Records can only submit for approval by users who are specified in the approval process. 

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Conditions for Approvals

  1. When a record is submitted for approval, it is locked for changes. 
  1. Salesforce limits the number of the approval process in the org. 
  1. Approval audit history is recorded on a separate related list. 
  1. After an approval process is activated, we cannot add, delete or change the order of the steps involved. 

This is all about the approval process in Salesforce. I hope this information will help you to understand the concept of the approval process in Salesforce.

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