Required CAGR % Calculator (2023) : Dev Ashish

Required CAGR % Calculator (2023)
by: Dev Ashish
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A lot of investors look to multiply their investments in stock markets. Some look for multibaggers and others invest in mutual funds and plan to remain invested for the long term and thereby, grow their wealth.

CAGR (or Compound Annual Growth Rate) is often used to assess at what rate your investments will grow.

I created a small CAGR Calculator or call it ready reckoner to help you find out how much CAGR % your investments need to grow to multiply your initial money by 2x to 15x in a period of 2 to 15 years!

Here is the CAGR Calculator to find out the returns required to double, triple…. 4x, 5x,…. and 15x your money:

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November 30, 2022 at 06:52PM
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