Deploy your first container app using Terraform and GitHub Actions tutorial/lab : Thomas Thornton

Deploy your first container app using Terraform and GitHub Actions tutorial/lab
by: Thomas Thornton
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This tutorial/lab has been created to take you through a DevOps journey to build & deploy an Azure Container Application using Terraform and GitHub Actions.

It will include from setting up the GitHub pipeline, prerequisites and finishing with a successful Container Application being deployed – along with looking at alerting/monitoring!

This is also my contribution to this years Festive Tech Calendar – don’t forget to check out this content, its awesome!

As with my tutorials/labs, it is an example of a real-world setup – taking you through the journey from the image above:

  1. Developers/DevOps commits code change to GitHub Repository
  2. Change is merged into GitHub Repository
  3. GitHub Action/Workflow runs the relevant steps required to update/deploy the Azure resources and image
  4. Latest image is built and deployed to Azure Container Registry
  5. GitHub Action updates Container App with latest image tag
  6. Container App pulls latest image from Azure Container Registry using Managed Identity to authenticate
  7. Container App is monitored both using Log Analytics & Container Insights

What you will learn

In this tutorial/lab, you will learn:

  • Setup your Azure subscription & create service principal to authenticate between GitHub repo and Azure
  • Prerequisites to configure terraform storage
  • Use Terraform to deploy container app along with other services including Log Analytics & Application Insights
  • Build and deploy example container application to Azure Container Registry
  • An understanding of CI/CD with automated application deployments
  • Reviewing monitoring and alerting using Application & Container Insights

How the lab works

The lab/tutorial is found in this GitHub repository

To run this tutorial/lab successfully, please review each folder – inside each folder has a number of *.md files, starting from 1..2 etc. complete each one in number sequence 1…2…3…etc

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to work on this tutorial/labs. Let me know what you thought!

December 06, 2022 at 03:30PM
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