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Six Tips To Make Your Salesforce AppExchange Listing Standout
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Tips to make your AppExchange Listing
From getting an idea about a product or application to finally listing it on the Salesforce AppExchange is a long journey. With hundreds of applications available on the Salesforce AppExchange, having a great product with the right listing briefing, your application in a most appropriate manner affects your AppExchange in a different scenario. And it is important to strategize the product positioning in the market in order to attract more customers to your application or product. No matter what size of organization you are having, if you have got the trick to list your product efficiently on the Salesforce AppExchange, there will be no limit on counting the revenues after that.  Everything from passing the bar of security reviews, from creating an efficient and attractive listing requires expert advice and you don’t have to look out for an advisor for that when you can get all those tips and tricks here in this blog.  We will be discussing all the essential tips that you need to make your Salesforce AppExchange listing standout from other solution providers.  Also, when you present your application or product smartly, it drives in more customer base and takes your brand’s popularity to the next level. In this blog, you will also get to discover what benefits you can enjoy just by listing your apps on Salesforce AppExchange correctly.    AppExchange Listing  

What is Salesforce AppExchange?

Launched in 2005 by, the Salesforce AppExchange is a cloud computing app store that enables users to access, download, and install software applications, including cloud applications, solutions, and consulting services. It offers free and paid applications for users, divided into collections in the marketplace depending on several categories and industry solutions that fulfill the demands and requirements of multiple industries worldwide. It functions similar to Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Apps and services are further classified into these categories:
  1. Industry Collection: It includes communications, media, government, retail, education, etc.
  2. Product Collections: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Einstein Analytics, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, etc.
  3. Types of Solutions: This covers apps, flow solutions, bolt solutions, lightning data, and components.
  4. Finance Solutions: Under this, ChargeOn Payment Processing, Xero Integration with Salesforce, and Blackthorn Payments are highly recommended.
  5. Top Categories: This includes human resources, sales, and enterprise resource planning. 
By providing a hands-on solution to all sorts of business problems, the Salesforce AppExchange allows businesses to build apps and solutions from scratch, utilize third-party integrations, and interact in a community where certified Salesforce partners, brands, customers, and clients can interact. An organization must be a certified Salesforce Partner to create an app or service and make it publicly available for end users. Another good thing is that there are 10 million plus installs, more than 5000 solutions, and 100,000+ reviews on the website, which makes it more reliable and a one-stop shop for finding the proper application and assistance from experts for your business needs.  

Who can Use the Salesforce AppExchange?

Only Salesforce Administrators and Users with “Download AppExchange packages” permissions can install and use applications available on the Salesforce AppExchange.  The rest of the users will only be able to browse applications and solutions, watch a demo, and test-drive apps.   

How Does Salesforce AppExchange Work?

  The very first thing about the Salesforce AppExchange is that it is a listing-based marketing platform that allows businesses with a platform to create solutions with the help of extensions selected and installed by companies according to their requirements. Here vendors can list their applications, solutions, or consulting services by mentioning their features, advantages, usage, costs, pricing, and support to help users decide about buying or installing an app. While the cost of developing and listing your application on appexchange is fixed by the Salesforce which is $2700.  Vendors can present their applications by uploading demos and video content to make the explanation of the application more engaging and understandable for the users. The AppExchange curates and allocates your listing to a business category like finance, marketing, or operations. Let’s check out how Salesforce AppExchange works:   


A Salesforce partner begins the process by creating a unique solution that aims to improve a business process. For example, providing integration of Salesforce with any Third-party application to extend the capabilities of Salesforce like ChargeOn, which integrates Stripe with Salesforce, or the solution can be built entirely on Salesforce to solve the problems of a particular industry such as Easy Incentivizer, which provides sales commission calculation solution to manage the compensations. Then, after the solution is built, the partners start sharing their personalizations with the other Salesforce users as a ‘managed packaged’ over Salesforce AppExchange, which other users in their Salesforce org could install. The solution could be built as an application, a Flow solution, a Bolt solution, Lightning data, or even a component.  


The Salesforce partner then ensures their solution’s registration, packaging, and publishing on the AppExchange marketplace. Users can also create a demo of the major functionalities of their application that can describe their solution. Later, users can display these solutions to others for viewing purposes before installation and include a trial version. Moreover, two publishing options are available: a free app or a paid app.


Salesforce Customers can walk through all the published solutions on the AppExchange marketplace and select the one which is meeting their requirements in the best possible way. Published AppExchange solution are safe and easy-to-install. Customers have the option to: 
  • Browse: Go through the detailed reviews and demos of the functioning of applications and solutions and select the one that has the potential to fulfill their need. 
  • Test Drive: As a read-only user, review a fully functional demo of the solution and plan its implementation with your administrators.
  • Install: Integrate the solution and its components into their Salesforce environment.
  • Deploy: Give their users immediate access to the solution or customize it for a select group of users.

6 Tips To Make Your AppExchange Listing Effective:

  tips to make salesforce appexchange listing   Here are some tips and tricks on creating a visually appealing listing that will draw users in and get them to stick around. Remember to check on them while preparing for the most critical part of launching your application on AppExchange, which is your AppExchange App Listing. 
  • It always starts with an optimized title and tagline: The right set of keywords in your title and tagline is all you need to stand out from other listings available on AppExchange because it helps the customers land on your listing page. Also, keep your title short, and your tagline should define the purpose of your application briefly.
  • The description is the key:  Your application description is the key to holding your customers’ attention. Below are the things you can always go right with while writing the description of your application.
    1. USPs – Show your customers your ace card by presenting the USPs of your application.
    2. Differentiators – Tell them why they should choose your application over the thousands of other applications available on Appexchange.
    3. Numbers – Always try to include the facts or figures on how much efficient your application is when it comes to ROI 
  • Visuals say more: Videos are an excellent way to show off your product and engage users from the get-go. Add screenshots and demo videos to showcase how everything works within your application so your customers can see what they are buying before buying it.
  • Preview what you are publishing: Before publishing the final listing, always preview it so you can see how everything will look to your customers.
  • Drive your decisions through analytics: There’s only a perfect listing once it starts working for you. Studying how your customers interact with your listing is essential because it helps you improve your content and only present what they seek.
  • Ratings and Reviews: There’s no better marketing than word of mouth. Ratings and reviews build trust in the eyes of your new customers.
salesforce consulting CTA  

Benefits of Making your Salesforce AppExchange Listing

Here are some exquisite benefits that you can avail when you list your application on Salesforce AppExchange:
  1. Big professional Market for your company
Almost 80-85% of the top 100 Fortune companies are using at least one of the application or solution available on Salesforce AppExchange as all the applications listed over there have gone through a quality and security review, which make them more genuine option as compared to other option available in the Market.  2. Easy to use and navigate other apps You can track the performance of your application with the personalised recommendation, app ranking, search filtering and a demo mode option provided by Salesforce AppExchange. Also, you can navigate through AppExchange and discover various other applications. 3. Drives in more opportunities through Salesforce Partner Community With Salesforce AppExchange, you can ask questions to a lot of experts, stay updated with the latest news and launches and register for various upcoming events and webinars.  Once you become a part of the Partner Community, you will receive a free Partner Business Org that lets you access the following: 
  • License Management App: manage leads and licenses for your AppExchange offerings
  • Channel Order App: create, submit, and track orders with Salesforce
  • Environment Hub: view, connect, create, and log in to numerous Salesforce org from one location. You can also access the “Partner Development Org”, having higher limits and extended permissions. This org is available to partners only.
4.Salesforce Promo When you list your application on Salesforce AppExchange, you gain one more added advantage of free press and promotion of your application. In its weekly digest emails, Salesforce AppExchange can advertise your application and helps your business in reaching out to more customers.   


If you have already built a great Salesforce app, or are aiming to provide Salesforce consulting services, then an AppExchange listing is the right place to help you gain more business. Salesforce AppExchange is the marketplace that enables application developers and Salesforce service providers to reach out to their audiences directly. But how much success you achieve through the Salesforce AppExchange platform relies heavily upon your listing, and you should leave no chance to nail it effectively and efficiently.

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