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How to become a Salesforce Developer in 2023
by: Amit Chaudhary
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Join us to learn about how to become a Salesforce Developer. In this post, we will talk about what you need to do to become a Salesforce Developer and the reasons to become an SFDC Developer.

What is Salesforce Developer?

Salesforce Developer is one of the most demanding skills in Salesforce industries. A developer is a programmer who builds applications for business. Salesforce Developers are ones who used to write the code on the Salesforce platform using Apex, JavaScript, Aura, and Lightning Web Components.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Developer are to understand the platform’s out-of-the-box functionality and then customize the application based on client requirements using coding or configurations. These developers use tools such as Apex, Visualforce, Aura, and Lightning Component in order to develop apps.

Salesforce Developers Salary

How much I can earn as a Salesforce Developer is always a hot question. As per Salesforce Article, the average Salesforce Developer Salary is $108,000 in the USA.

How to become a Salesforce developer?

What do I need to be a Salesforce Developer? We are glad that we did one FREE Developer training course in ApexHours. The good news is that we recorded all sessions and posted them on YouTube. After completing this free course you will master Apex, Understand the Trigger, Batch job, SOQL, basics of Aura, and LWC. Let’s start your journey, with the world’s No. 1 CRM software!

  1. Become a Salesforce Admin
  2. Learn Coding
  3. Learn Salesforce Consultants Skills.
  4. Get Certified and clear your PD-1 exam.
  5. Get hands on experience
  6. Join Salesforce Community
  7. Find a mentor
  8. Get ready for the Salesforce Developer Interview
  9. Find Salesforce Developer Job
How to become a Salesforce Developer
How to become a Salesforce Developer

#1. Become a Salesforce Admin

If you want to become a Salesforce Developer then the first step is to become a good Salesforce Admin. You can become a successful Developer once you understand the platform very well and complete the business requirement with Out of box features.

Learn Salesforce with Trailhead and if you like videos then check ApexHours FREE Salesforce Training.

Salesforce Administrator Career path
Salesforce Administrator Career path

After becoming a good Salesforce Admin. Decide the Salesforce career path base on your self-assessment. If you love coding then move to the developer path else you can decide on the Consultant or Business Analyst.

#2. Set the Roadmap to become Developer

If you want to become a developer then after learning the Admin you need to start learning Coding. As a Developer, you need to learn Codings like Apex, JavaScript, Aura, and LWC. Check out Salesforce Developer Training for FREE. Learn all the below topic to become a good developer:-

  1. Learn about OOP concept in programing language
  2. Learn Apex Fundamental
  3. Apex Trigger
  4. Learn Java Script to become a good lightning developer
  5. Now it is time to learn about Salesforce UI components like Aura and LWC.

2.1 Roadmap to become Developer

There are lots of thing you need to learn to become a Developer. It better to design your roadmap:-

Roadmap to become a Salesforce Developer
Roadmap to become a Salesforce Developer

2.2 Resource to learn Development

  1. Apex Specialist Super badges
  2. Advanced Apex Specialist Super badges
  3. Apex Hours FREE Salesforce Developer Training.
  4. Data Integration Specialist Super badges
  5. Lightning Web Components Specialist Super badges
  6. Security Specialist Superbadge Super badges

#3. Learn Salesforce Consultants Skills

Here are 5 basic soft skills any Consultant will need to become great a Developer.

  1. Adapt Your Communication Style
  2. Active Listening
  3. Understanding Business Process
  4. Industry Knowledge
  5. Relationship Building

Skills Great Salesforce Consultants Have In Common.

#4. Get Certified and clear your PD-1 exam

Certifications are another important milestone to prove your hands-on expertise. Complete your Salesforce Platform Developer 1 (PD1) certification to get a hold of your Salesforce basics.

5. Get hands on experience

Once you know about Salesforce development from Training or Trailhead. Next step is get some hand-on experience.

5.1 If you are already a Admin

If you are already working a Salesforce admin then start taking small small work from your project to get some hand-on experience.

5.2 Volunteering opportunities with Non profits

If you are not working and new to Salesforce. Then start finding volunteering opportunities with Nonprofits and Education cloud customers- would help you gain hands-on real-time experience to solve real-world problems and is also considered and counted as a work experience by most of the companies. Learn more Volunteer Your Salesforce Expertise | Salesforce Trailhead.

5.3 Join Salesforce Developer Forum.

Developer forum is also another option to learn about Salesforce Developer challenges.

#6. Join Salesforce Community

Also, make sure to associate with your local Salesforce Community group- you get the option to join the group under the “Community” tab on the site. There are multiple events and talks hosted by these communities to get you up to speed on the technical and functional topics, any new trending topics, updates, new releases, platforms, etc.

#7. Find a Mentor

Mentorship program this is one-to-one as well as many programs where a newcomer can directly get a mentor assigned to them who could guide them right from exploring the Salesforce platform to landing a job by helping with cv preparations, mock interviews, support, etc.

#8. Get ready for the Salesforce Developer Interview

Once you have good knowledge of Salesforce and have hand on experience. It is time to get ready for the Interview. Check our Apex Hours Salesforce Interview Question series.

#9. Find Salesforce Developers Job

Once you are ready with Developer Knowledge. The next step is to find a Developer job.

  1. Update your LinkedIn Profile: Keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date
  2. Find recruiter: Find a good recruiter who can help you promote your profile and update your resume
  3. Find consulting Partners: Find Salesforce consulting partners in your country and local state. And apply for jobs from their career page
  4. Interview: Keep giving the interview and if you are not selected. Keep a note of all feedback and do your best next time.
Find Salesforce Developer Job
Find Salesforce Developer Job

Check out our post on How to get a job in Salesforce as a Fresher.

Reasons to Become a Salesforce Developer in 2023

Here are some reasons to become a Developer.

  1. Demand and Opportunity
  2. World Dominating Technology
  3. High Earning
  4. Multiple Routs into the Ecosystem
  5. Salesforce Community

How to become a Developer Video


Wish you all the best for your Salesforce Developer Journey. Do certifications, do hands-on work, do super badges, volunteer, and reach out to the Salesforce community with questions/ help needed- you don’t have to look back then!

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