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Salesforce Genie - Real-time Data Streams
by: ashutosh pandey
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A highly tailored customer experience that is given in real-time is made possible by Salesforce Genie, which has been dubbed the biggest Salesforce invention in the company's history. Salesforce data is combined with real-time data streams that are ingested and stored at scale by Genie. 

Despite all the technology surrounding us, data remains duplicated and compartmentalized for almost all businesses. The stat that stands out? Currently, businesses operate using 976 different applications (on average). There will be more variations of the same person the more applications there are. The core issue that Salesforce Genie is trying to resolve is this. 

We have been watching the news. We will now analyze this important breakthrough, paying particular attention to what it means for Salesforce professionals. 

Genie, why? to provide customers with spectacular real-time experiences. 

  • Real-time means that a customer's request is fulfilled with the least amount of delay possible (even before they realize they even had a need). A millisecond counts. 
  • bringing the physical and digital worlds together: gaining knowledge from website signals, interactions with advertisements, IoT (physical objects connected to the internet), and so on. Later on, we'll discuss an IoT example used by actual businesses. 
  • Data from all of your organization's data sources is gathered by Salesforce Genie, which spans the whole Salesforce platform (Customer 360), and can then be utilized to drive any activity, interaction, or insight across sales, service, marketing, commerce, MuleSoft, Tableau, and more. 

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 Particularly important for Salesforce Industries is this. Salesforce will be paired with industry-specific platforms in every area. Consider the healthcare sector, where there are numerous patient records, hospital management, and supply chain systems. Salesforce's goal is to quickly gather and use the data from these systems rather than to completely redesign them. 

In the following sections of this manual, we'll show you how to:  

  • The construction of Salesforce Genie.  
  • How flexible and open Genie is  
  • Using the Salesforce Genie. 

Salesforce Genie Built:

Developed naturally, Salesforce Genie is a technology (i.e., not as a result of an acquisition). Although the Salesforce Platform's 2007 introduction served as the technical foundation for Genie, the following are the current foundational elements: 

Flow:  The Salesforce metadata paradigm was used in the construction of Genie, which makes anything actionable. Real-time data input is provided to Salesforce Genie so that Flow can start firing more quickly. Organizations already save 100 billion hours per month with Flow that would have been spent manually updating Salesforce record data and other tasks. 

Einstein: Genie can access Einstein for in-the-moment predictions because it employs the Salesforce metadata model. Every day, the Salesforce Einstein engine predicts 175 bills. 

Genie: The "hyper-scale data platform" that integrates Salesforce data with real-time data streams at scale (by tapping into data lakes). 

Hyperforce: Genie is powered by Salesforce's public cloud infrastructure, Hyperforce. Data residency, security, privacy, and regulatory compliance controls are offered by Hyperforce, along with features for data ethics that regulate data and boost consumer confidence. 

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Genie is Open and Extensible:

At the time of launch, there were 18 partners listed in the "Genie Collection" section of AppExchange. To increase Genie's strength, Salesforce has partnered with a number of "who's who" in the data industry, including: 

Snowflake: Genie can directly access data saved in Snowflake, and vice versa, thanks to safe real-time and open data exchange. This eliminates the need to move or duplicate data (i.e., zero-data copy architecture). 

You may "bring your own" AI to Genie, an open data platform from Amazon SageMaker. It is possible to use SageMaker, Amazon's cloud-based machine learning platform, directly with Einstein. 

Integrating first-party advertising with protecting privacy: You can deliver more individualized and effective marketing at scale thanks to improved advertisement activation and insights. At this point, two vendors are mentioned: Amazon Ads and Meta.

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