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Using Marketing Cloud Genie To Deliver Customer Magic: How Salesforce Uses It To Improve your Business
by: GetOnCRM
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The popular Salesforce is growing its demand in the current market as the best customer relationship management application and software focusing on customer services, analytics, sales, marketing automation, and application development. This CRM platform has introduced Marketing Cloud Genie as its latest product at Dreamforce '22. Salesforce Genie is explained as a real-time platform to deliver customer magic. You may be curious to know how this new product of Salesforce can help your business and how this product work in the market. So, let's check what this latest salesforce product offers you.

A Brief Introduction To Salesforce Genie

Nowadays, all businesses of different sectors need to provide the best customer experience to their audience. Whether you operate a commerce, marketing, or sales business, it is important to enhance your customer experience. As the competition is high in the market, you must look into the customers' specific needs, and the current customers expect to get special attention from the services.

It means that the customers want a personalized experience while interacting with the services. However, it is a daunting and challenging task because of the need for real-time data to provide personalized interaction. To combat such challenges, Salesforce has developed a single and real-time data source, i.e., Marketing Cloud Genie, to enhance personalized interactions.

This new product can gather data using different out-of-the-box connectors and combine it with your business transactional knowledge. The collected data is combined into a graph visible in the customer solution. Moreover, this product allows you to take better next steps and actions and receive better insights into your customer's needs.

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What Are The Top Features Of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Genie?

The new product salesforce marketing cloud Genie has recently gained popularity because of its excellent and unique features or characteristics. This marketing cloud of Salesforce applies to any industry like communication, automobile, consumer goods, etc. In this post, you can understand the top features of Salesforce Genie, including expansions of pre-existing tools in Salesforce, advertising tools, and connectors to maximize the benefits of having real-time data.

  • Mulesoft Anypoint Connector

Mulesoft Anypoint Connector is one of the common features of salesforce marketing cloud Genie. It allows any kind of system to integrate easily with Genie. The development of this feature helps in assisting the development of a real-time data strategy for your business.

  • Tableau for CDP Connector

Tableau for CDP Connector helps to integrate real-time data into Tableau. It helps to give substantial advantages to your business by using both Tableau and Salesforce without using custom connectors.

  • Meta Ads and First-Party Advertising

One of the great features of salesforce marketing cloud solutions is first-party advertising with Meta Platforms Inc. It is now available for marketers to get better marketing insights and privacy-safe integrations.

  • Amazon SageMaker and Genie

The salesforce marketing cloud Genie helps to integrate real-time data into Amazon SageMaker. It enables the data scientist of your business to use Einstein with this CRM platform so that real-time AI models can be created and used in your business.

  • Data Spaces

The new salesforce marketing cloud solutions is expanding its permission system with the new availability of data, which helps to address security needs when handling huge data. It has been identified that the feature of data spaces allows the admins to organize real-time data of Genie into various spaces. It enables the teams and users to function with the required data.

  • Data Prep Recipes and Transforms

Salesforce has introduced new data prep recipes and transforms features, including machine learning, a complete range of tools, and SQL-based transforms to enrich and process data by collecting it in real-time and at larger scales.

  • Flow Integration Connector

Flow integration connector allows the users to integrate real-time data into the flow automation's actions.

  • Snowflake and Open Data Access

The new Genie marketing cloud implementation allows businesses to directly access data from Snowflake. At the same time, it saves more time and space without having to duplicate or move data.

  • Personalization Real-Time Integration and Genie

The real-time data from Genie uses personalization, allowing users to provide more personalized content, recommendations, and offers to potential customers.

  • Real-Time Journey Orchestration

The real-time data from Genie with marketing cloud engagement can be used to respond immediately to users' activity. This response includes personalized messages such as follow-ups to recent interests or activities.

How Will Salesforce Marketing Cloud Genie Improve Your Business?

If you think of salesforce marketing cloud implementation in your business, you must understand how it can benefit your business. Sales cloud uses Einstein to offer you better next steps and better insights. It does not matter whether you are in commerce, automation, or any other industry; the salesforce marketing cloud integration allows you to access real-time customer data. Moreover, it boosts your customer's interactions in sales, services, and marketing processes.

The Marketing Cloud Genie is beneficial for marketing cloud users. The users can send real-time messages to customers by combining them with Salesforce's current automation capabilities. Likely, this data will occur in real time when the customer does some activity. This new product of Salesforce gives many connectors out-of-the-box. It results in different optimizations, including the ability to develop better b with the availability of Amazon Sagemaker, better insights with Tableau, and improving your business advertising campaigns.

Tips To Consider While Developing Your Business Strategy With Sales Cloud Genie

After understanding the features and benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Genie, you can utilize its benefits in your business settings. However, you need to take steps carefully by considering some important tips while developing your business strategy with the sales cloud genie discussed below.

  • Focus On Quality Of Data Over Quantity Of Data

It is always good for your business to have good quality customer data instead of having all possible data fields in more quantity. For instance, you are collecting the customer's data who are more likely to visit your website. So, you can choose the top 10 or 20 fields that have more significance for your business. The data must include their explored products, visited pages, industry, response to offers, and location.

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  • Focus On Value And Begin With Small

When thinking of salesforce marketing cloud implementation, you must consider all your business data together before it gets useful. However, business strategists or experts recommend focusing on the main use cases first by balancing between easy to implement or creating maximum value for your business.

Moreover, you need to check how this new platform can be useful in a few specific cases. Likely, you will be able to have an idea about the momentum to get extra teams on board. For instance, this salesforce marketing cloud allows your business to alert its sales teams to prospect activities and key customers on their website, like visiting the website page in search of the product cost.

This new product allows your sales representatives to have better conversations with your potential customers by getting a deeper insight into your business to prioritize accounts. It can help your business to get support and develop momentum to continue your business project.

  • Just Think Of Your Customer Profile As A Product

Usually, a reputed business creates its position in the market for its provided services or products. It has been identified that these services and products get more internal attention. Therefore, the marketing cloud implementation of Salesforce allows your business to think of your customer profile as a product.

It means that you can easily understand our potential customers by using the approach used in product management and bringing together the internal partners. Moreover, this new product of Salesforce develops and releases the customer's profiles using agile development processes.

Also, the salesforce marketing cloud measures adoption to ensure everything is resonating. This way, your business can align across the sales teams, improve quality, quickly scale your business, and focus more on innovation to enhance customer experience.


When you plan to adopt salesforce marketing cloud solutions within your business, you must ensure that you choose a trusted and quality service provider. They must possess a data strategy team to classify the data by evaluating it and ensuring the correct standards are implemented into your customer data platform. Make sure your service providers offer you all the important features with top-notched benefits so that you can upscale your business with Genie.

GetOnCRM is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner with expertise in marketing cloud. We help provide an insightful analysis by extracting complex data from various data sources like Salesforce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud; this is where a salesforce marketing cloud consultant like us comes in.

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