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How do you Integrate Salesforce with Alchemer?
by: ashutosh pandey
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Salesforce is a popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform, and Alchemer is a survey and data collection tool. Formerly known as SurveyGizmo, the platform offers a variety of pre-configured surveys, workflows, and feedback collection tools that can help teams get the information needed from internal and external sources. Integrating these two systems can provide businesses with a more comprehensive view of their customers and help streamline their sales and marketing efforts. 

Key Points to Follow:

  • Create an Alchemer form: To begin, make an Alchemer form or survey with whatever fields you want to record in Salesforce (such as name, email, and company). You can create according to your type.

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  • Configure the web-to-lead settings in Salesforce: Add a new Salesforce action. Select the Salesforce Account and Salesforce Object you wish to pull or push from.  
  • Fill in the form to configure the web-to-lead settings. You will need to provide the form's HTML code and select "Embed Code". 
  • Field mapping:  After the form has been integrated with Salesforce, map each Alchemer Question in the survey to the corresponding Salesforce Field you wish to use to populate the survey question. 
  • Testing: Finally, you will need to test the integration to make sure that leads captured from the form are properly added to Salesforce. For pull action The easiest way to test is to manually append the URL Variable that you are using to identify records to update to the end of your test or a live link. 

Append the ID to the survey link as below: 

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