Salesforce Integration with Dropbox | The Ultimate Guide : Kapil

Salesforce Integration with Dropbox | The Ultimate Guide
by: Kapil
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Following are the steps to Integrate Salesforce with Dropbox:

  1. Click AppLauncher and visit AppExchange, search for Dropbox for Salesforce, and click Get it now, Install it for All users. 
  2. Click on Setup, go to Installed Packages, and click on Configure link on Dropbox for the Salesforce tab, It shows a popup for adding a Dropbox widget on the page layout for standard objects, Click Update Layouts.
  3. Salesforce Integration with Dropbox is done for standard objects now go to any object click the Related tab and It has a Dropbox widget at the last. Click on Login with Dropbox, A popup appears for instructions. Click continue. 
  4. After clicking continue a new pop-up appears for API authorization, Click continue and It verifies your Salesforce org account. 
  5. Files can be uploaded on these objects by clicking Add Files button. 

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Use Custom Objects or Standard Objects beyond default Configuration

To use custom objects or objects outside of those included in the default configuration (Account, Contact, Case, Opportunity, Lead), follow these instructions:

1. Sign in to the Salesforce website. 

2. Open the gear icon, and click Setup. 

3. Under the Platform Tools section, click Custom Code. 

4. Click Visualforce Pages. 

5. In the list of pages, click New.

Add a Label and Name for your Visualforce Page

Replace the Visualforce markup with the code below. The value for standardController will need to be replaced with the object API name For a standard object, the API name is the name as the standard object. For example, the "Contracts" object API name is "Contract".

Dropbox for [Object]

<apex:page standardController="INSERT—API—NAME—HERE" docType="html-5.0" showHeader="false" sidebar="false" applyHtmlTag="false" applyBodyTag="false"> 
<Dropbox_for_SF:Dropbox /> 

Also, We need to set up a new object trigger for either your custom or non-default standard object.

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Now go to Object settings and customize the page layout settings and add the Visualforce page in a new section, the dropbox widget will appear on the object page.

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