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Introducing the New Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud
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In collaboration with community users and partners, Salesforce is introducing a new Nonprofit Cloud!

Currently, nonprofit organizations install a variety of nonprofit-related applications on top of their Salesforce platform to help them succeed in their missions. The new Nonprofit Cloud is built into the platform itself, removing the need for multiple managed packages. This allows for more consistent and streamlined data management, making it easier for nonprofit organizations to see the relationships between their volunteers, donors, and other participants.

Salesforce has many industry-specific clouds, like Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud, and Experience Cloud. Nonprofit Cloud will be able to leverage the innovative features included in these other industry clouds. Additionally, the features of the Nonprofit Cloud, like Program and Case management, will be available to the other industry clouds as well. This integration gives the nonprofit sector more tools to make greater impacts on the communities they serve.

Nonprofit Cloud Features

Nonprofit organizations commonly install additional add-on applications with their installation of NPSP. Add-ons like Program Management Module (PMM) and Nonprofit Cloud Case Management are now offered in Nonprofit Cloud natively, without additional installations.

Case Management

With the new innovation in case management, you can more easily track your Accounts, Contacts, and Cases. Dynamic Assessments allow you to build assessments to quickly determine if an individual is eligible for a benefit. Once a participant has been given a benefit or assigned to a benefit session, you can track their attendance by managing benefit schedules and using guided flows. Create and review care plans more efficiently with Care Plan templates, and put volunteers and participants in groups, like households or cohorts, with Party Relationship Groups.

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Program Management

Program management equips program managers with an array of tools to help see the full picture of the impact of their programs. You can create Action Plans to create a checklist of tasks or requirements needed to approve participation in your programs. The Timeline component gives you a complete chronological view of all your programs and benefits sessions to quickly see participant engagement and adjust schedules. Using "clicks not code", you can customize the prebuilt OmniScript to create a benefit schedule workflow that works for your program managers and integrates into your business.

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Grantmaking and Accounting Subledger

Nonprofit Cloud offers you an end-to-end solution to track and manage your grants. With Grantmaking, you can collect the information you need for applications, add details about the products and opportunities offered by your grants, and - once a grant is awarded - track the continued requirements for the grant. Additionally, it provides greater details when looking at budget information, giving insight into specific categories and time periods. Combine that with the Accounting Subledger, which consolidates data between Salesforce and your accounting system, and you can easily track where funds are received, paid, and allocated across all your volunteers, donors, and participants.

Industry Innovations

One of the significant benefits of the new Nonprofit Cloud is its access to industry-cloud tools, specifically Omnistudio. Omnistudio is a suite of tools that makes creating complex, industry-specific automation easier and faster. It is a low-code solution for making engaging and seamless experiences for users. Nonprofit organizations will have access to this game-changing feature and all the other common features used across all Industry Clouds, reshaping how they work with their constituents.

Another benefit is the number of service-related tools which are available. Your service agents will enjoy guided service processes built with Service Process Studio, communicating virtually with Virtual Calls, getting notifications when a record needs immediate attention with Record Alerts, and engaging more efficiently with prospects through Outreach Lists.

When working with volunteers and participants, it's often necessary to validate an individual's identity before sharing any sensitive information. Identity Verification includes an easy way to create an identification process that supports your business's protocols and regulations.

There are even more tools and benefits offered in the new Nonprofit Cloud with Industries Cloud Common Features - follow this link for a complete list.

Nonprofit Success Pack

If your organization is using Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Salesforce will maintain support in addition to supporting its new cloud. However, as more features are added and polished over time, organizations may want to consider moving over to the new Nonprofit Cloud and taking advantage of the full set of features it has to offer.

Power of Us Program

Through the Power of Us program, Nonprofits are able to apply for 10 free Salesforce licenses, and Nonprofit Cloud will be included in that program. If your organization currently has the 10 free licenses, and you wish to move to the new Nonprofit Cloud, you will need to work with your Salesforce account manager to move those licenses. If you purchased Salesforce after April 2023, you will be given the new Nonprofit Cloud licenses. If you do not wish to use the new solution, you will need to contact your Salesforce account manager and apply for the 10 licenses directly through them.

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The new Nonprofit Cloud solution offers faster, easier data management for nonprofit organizations. It brings together industry features and nonprofit features to streamline workflows and add greater value to outcomes. If you are looking to switch to the new Nonprofit Cloud or would like more information, contact DB Services!

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