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What is Dynamic Dashboard? | All You Need to Know
by: Arpit
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Dynamic Dashboard is a type of dashboard that allows users to personalize their view by interacting with the dashboard components. It enables users to modify filters, date ranges, and other parameters to view real-time data and make data-driven decisions. Dynamic Dashboards provide a more interactive and flexible user experience compared to static dashboards. 

Dynamic Dashboards are important in several ways: 

  1. Personalized Insights 
  2. Real-Time Data Analysis 
  3. Improved Collaboration 
  4. Improved Flexibility 
  5. Agility and Adaptability 
  6. Enhanced User Experience 
  7. Increased Adoption and Utilization 

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How you can create a Dynamic Dashboard in Salesforce?

  1. Start by creating a new dashboard. In the Salesforce setup menu, navigate to "App Launcher" and search for "Dashboards." Click on "Dashboards" to open the dashboard builder. 
  2. Click on the "New Dashboard" button to create a new dashboard. 
  3. Give your dashboard a name and select the desired folder to save it. 
  4. Once the dashboard is created, you can add components such as charts, tables, or metrics by clicking on the "Add Component" button. 
  5. Customize the component by selecting the data source, fields, and filters. You can choose to display data from specific objects or reports. 
  6. To make the dashboard dynamic, you can add filter components. Click on the "Add Component" button and choose the "Filter" option. 
  7. Configure the filter by selecting the field you want to filter on and defining the filter criteria. For example, you can create a filter to display data for a specific region or time period. 
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to add additional filters if needed. 
  9. Save the dashboard once you have added all the desired components and filters. 
  10. Now, users can interact with the Dynamic Dashboard by adjusting the filters, changing date ranges, or selecting different values. The dashboard will update in real time based on the user's selections. 

Dynamic Dashboards in Salesforce provide a powerful way to explore data and gain insights based on personalized requirements. Users can customize their view, focus on specific data subsets, and analyze the information that is most relevant to them. 

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