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How to Transfer Outlook Contacts to Salesforce?
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Introduction: Exporting Outlook contacts to Salesforce is a strategic step that enhances customer relationship management and optimizes business processes. Migrating these contacts ensures seamless integration between Outlook and Salesforce platforms, streamlining communication and data management. In this guide, we will delve into the reasons to transfer Outlook contacts to Salesforce and the techniques to do it.

Reasons to Transfer Outlook Contacts to Salesforce

1. Centralized Data: Integrating Outlook contacts with Salesforce provides a unified database for efficient communication and relationship management.
2. Enhanced CRM: Salesforce's robust features allow for better tracking, analysis, and engagement with contacts.
3. Streamlined Processes: Migrating contacts minimizes duplicate data entry and ensures accuracy across platforms.
4. Real-time Updates: Changes made in either Outlook or Salesforce are reflected in both systems, enabling up-to-date information.
5. Collaborative Insights: Team members can access and contribute to contact information within Salesforce, fostering collaboration.

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Manual Method to Export Contacts from Outlook to Salesforce

1. Export Outlook Contacts: In Outlook, export contacts as a CSV file (Comma-Separated Values).
2. Prepare CSV File: Open the exported CSV file in Excel or a text editor, and ensure the columns match Salesforce's contact fields.
3. Log in to Salesforce: Access your Salesforce account.
4. Import Contacts: Navigate to "Contacts" in Salesforce and choose "Import Contacts" from the "Tools" menu.
5. Map Fields: Match the CSV columns with Salesforce contact fields, ensuring accurate data alignment.
6. Start Import: Initiate the import process, allowing Salesforce to populate the contact records.

Method 2. How to Import Outlook Contacts to Salesforce Instantly?

Xtraxtor Outlook Converter offers an efficient and reliable to transfer Outlook contacts to salesforce. The software's intuitive design ensures straightforward navigation. It transfer multiple Outlook contacts to Salesforce-compatible formats. It ensures precise migration of contact details, avoiding errors or loss. The tool simplifies the process, reducing manual effort and potential human errors. It ensures the security of sensitive contact information during the migration. It provides assistance for any technical inquiries or challenges. With this tool, you can also you can import Outlook contacts to Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and many other email accounts. Try its free version and transfer Outlook contacts to salesforce without any hassle.

  • Download and Run this software on your Windows PC.
  • After that, Navigate to Open >> Outlook Data Files >> Open Configured Outlook Data Files and select Contact folder.
  • Click on Export and choose CSV format to export Outlook contacts.
  • Click on Browse to set the Destination location and then click on Save button to save the exported file.
  • Finally, Open Salesforce account and import this exported CSV file.

The process is done. Hence, you can easily transfer Outlook Contact to Salesforce in a few simple clicks. 


Transferring Outlook contacts to Salesforce is a strategic move for efficient customer relationship management. While a manual method exists, it might involve complexities and risks. Opting for the automated solution provided by the Xtraxtor Outlook Converter streamlines the process, ensures data accuracy, and reduces potential errors. By making the right choice, organizations can seamlessly integrate their contact data, fostering improved communication, collaboration, and insights within the Salesforce ecosystem.

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