I'm co-presenting at AppManagEvent 2023 : Sander Berkouwer

I'm co-presenting at AppManagEvent 2023
by: Sander Berkouwer
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SuperNova at the MediaPlaza

After last year's AppManagEvent, Coert Bosker asked Raymond and me to present a session at AppManagEvent 2023. Of course! As a result, we’re back at this awesome event in Utrecht.


About AppManagEvent

AppManagEvent is the annual industry event around application management. The event provides its visitors a status update and a future update on the leading technology, tools, strategies, insights and trends around Application Management.

The 17th edition will take place on October 6, 2023 where attendees get updated around the themes Deployment, Security, Application Virtualization, MSIX, Win10/11/365 management, Identity Management, IT Infra and much more.

AppManagEvent delivers one day with great speakers, tech content and solution vendors in a professional atmosphere and inspiring location: Jaarbeurs, Super Nova, Utrecht, The Netherlands.


About our session

Raymond Comvalius and I will present a 45-minute session:

Just apply the basics in your Entra ID tenant!

3 PM – 3:45 PM

With Microsoft's focus on Defender for * and Entra ID Premium P2 features, you might start to believe that you can't be successful in your identity and zero trust journeys when you don't have these products and licenses. The opposite is true: without doing the basics in your Entra ID tenant, all these advanced products don't perform as well as you'd think…

After numerous Entra ID security assessments, Sander and Raymond have identified the basics that most organizations seem to have forgotten. Without these basic measures, their Microsoft 365 services are at risk in terms of security, privacy, and productivity.

For most organizations applying these basics is trivial and relatively easy to start with. Come to this session to learn the basics, their many caveats and then apply the basics to your Entra ID tenant!


Join us!

There is still time to register for AppManagEvent 2023. Tickets are available for € 198 per ticket.

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September 21, 2023 at 07:54PM
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