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Solving Challenges that Come with the Traditional Salesforce Chatbot Model
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Digitization is the name of the game and customers are getting used to this. Chatbots are part of almost every organization’s digital journey. 

They offer better availability for your customers who can get their queries resolved quickly and without any human involvement. 

This also allows your customers to interact with you 24x7 no matter what your office hours are. 

Adding a chatbot to your Salesforce allows you to give better availability to your customers, nurture leads better, resolve queries faster, and automate your workflows.

What are Chatbots?

In the simplest of terms, a chatbot is your digital assistant. It is an AI software that has the ability to interact with humans. It is likely that you have had such an interaction recently. It offers a prompt and effective way to do repetitive tasks such as taking orders, answering FAQs, and offering solutions to queries.

Challenges That Come With the Traditional Salesforce Texting Chatbot Model 


One of the most difficult parts of creating a Salesforce chatbot is coding. It's a complex process that involves a considerable timeline to finish. It also involves having professionals who have the specifically required skill set to do the job. Businesses often lack these resources and often resort to hiring third-party options to get the job done resulting in even longer timelines. 

Solution- The simple solution is to opt for zero-code chatbot options that can be found on AppExchange. They allow you to set response-triggered actions and capture data quickly. This allows even users who are not technically skilled to create chatbots. Start with a zero-code option, Using a zero-code development option can get you started quickly and as you scale you can advance. 


Pricing again can be a major hurdle in your chatbot development. This is due to the fact that the initial development cost is high and add to this the money you will be spending periodically for maintenance, upgrades, and troubleshooting and the chatbot and you get yourself a huge bill.

Solution- to counter this, zero-code options are the best. They are available for free and are designed to be user-friendly. This eliminates the need for you to invest heavily in development resources that start from the ground up.

Expert Availability 

Due to the complexity involved in the development of Salesforce chatbots businesses grow their dependency on experts who are skilled at this. However, the high adoption rate of chatbots from businesses of all kinds leads to experts not being available. This can run up your expenses as well as extend your timeline.

Solution-  Zero-code platforms are the best options as they are user-friendly and can be understood and operated by anyone even with people who have no background in tech eliminating your need to have an expert. Long term this also eliminates the need to solicit the services of any experts when you need to troubleshoot 


When you are working towards your business goals, time can be your best friend and your greatest enemy. When it comes to the development of Salesforce chatbots it is often the latter. Complex coding, extensive testing, and the availability of experts all contribute to an extended period of development. 

Solution - Salesforce chatbot development can be a hectic and time-consuming task, on the other hand, zero-code options offer automated processes and an already existing framework will fasten your eventual launch. Zero code chatbot options are basically just a download away from deployment.

Cold Experience

AI is not an alternative to human experience (at least not yet!) when you interact with an AI chat box where it has triggered automated responses and essentially follows a script it can lead to a bad customer experience. 

Solution- The simple solution for this could be to use simpler language and pick the language that resonates with your customer the most. You can also opt to use, humor, and emojis to make it feel less robotic.

Lack of Personalization

Another thing that can hamper the experience for your customers is how the chatbot can be a general same experience for everyone. It lacks the personalization that can make your customers feel seen and heard.
Solution-  The best way is to pick the right app that offers you the ability to add personalized responses that can used by your chatbot. This configuration can be done easily and your personalized chatbot will be ready to be deployed.


The salesforce texting chatbot adds an essential element to your customer experience and it is extremely useful when it comes to engaging with customers at any given time. It does come with its challenges, such as complex coding, high development and maintenance costs, extended timelines, and availability of experts. But thankfully effective and cost-saving exist in the form of zero-code solutions. That helps you meet these challenges with ease.

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