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Everything You Need To Know About A White Label Delivery App
by: Felica
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With a surge in the on-demand app landscape, it would be apt to say that a White Label Delivery App has simplified many businesses with ready-made solutions. In this blog, let’s understand how they work so that you can turn your delivery business into an all-in-one super app.


The world is full of modern customers who look forward to shopping online for their convenience. They respond exceptionally well to the needs generated by today’s delivery apps. Knowing this demand, businesses in the all-in-one delivery space have been making rampant sales with same-day deliveries. You can become a part of this, too, by launching your app on the Android and iOS platforms in just a few weeks. You must be thinking, how? Well, let’s understand this process step-by-step.

What is a White Label Delivery App?

A white-label app is a pre-built native application that can be bought and customized as per the business's delivery needs. In other words, a generic delivery app with comprehensive features and functionalities developed by a third-party provider constitutes a white-label app. Here, the term ‘white-label’ means ‘to rebrand’ a platform.

The concept of white labeling has been prevalent in many industries but has picked up the pace recently in the on-demand app development market. This is because developing an app is a costly and time-consuming process. Therefore, a white-label delivery app presents an affordable alternative for other businesses in the design and development phase.

Furthermore, white-label apps help delivery businesses quickly enter the market without hiring developers to build delivery apps from scratch. They can add their business details to start the white-labeling process, which is practically complete in 1-2 weeks.

Example of a White Label Delivery App

Many examples of white-label delivery apps can be found on the internet. Every leading company dealing with deliveries has a clone. Certain examples include:

  • Glovo clone
  • Rappi clone
  • Mrsool Clone
  • PedidosYa Clone
  • Talabat Clone
  • Postmates Clone
  • GoPuff Clone
  • Taw9eel Clone
  • 7Now clone

Just like the original app, these clones are made with the same concept for on-demand deliveries in place. Their use has been prevalent, as they can perform consistently under high usage. Some delivery apps even come with a pre-built website and an admin panel to complete the whole package.

This prevents entrepreneurs from going to different places and provides an end-to-end experience without incurring the cost of app development. In essence, to keep the revenue cycle intact, brainstorming ideas has led to the rise of white-label delivery apps.

How Does White Label Delivery App Work?

A white-label delivery app works in the same way as its original counterpart. They are designed solely with the intent of reselling them to a business that would like to rebrand the app as their own.

The reason why most white-label apps are also called clones is because they mimic each step in a generic style. For instance, delivery apps have a streamlined process for placing an order that consists of only a few steps. From the log-in screen up to the payment screen, everything remains the same. Moreover, the delivery app smartly calculates the fare. It assigns a nearby delivery partner to pick up and deliver the order.

Prior to white label delivery apps, businesses were faced with a huge investment and a long turnaround time. However, because of white-label apps, businesses can now have their own app with the least investment and the shortest waiting time. For many businesses operating on a tight budget, white label delivery apps are a dream come true.

Advantages of White Label Delivery Apps

Not only does a White Label Delivery App save time and money, but they are also known to provide other benefits as well. This wide range of uses has made them some of the best methods to enter a booming app marketplace.

Doesn’t Need a Project Manager

Since the design and the development process are already done, you don’t have to hire a person to oversee the status. Instead, you can directly understand the workflow and the features of the delivery app to make further changes. The only management that is needed is when you add your own branding and personal flair before the launch. This includes name, logo, color, currency, language, and much more.

Capture Market Share Faster

Today, the market for app-based businesses is transforming the online shopping experience with the rise of AI and ML. Therefore, a white-label delivery app can help your business compete against industry-leading apps by offering a wide range of services coupled with advanced algorithms. The early launch will also play a crucial role in building the brand's presence across different market segments as well. Compared to a custom app business, a white label can penetrate the market quickly. The more comprehensive the delivery application is, the easier it is to market it to build a loyal customer base.

No Code Platform

Although there will be a considerable amount of coding required, it will not be done on your end. What you’ll receive is a ready-made app that has gone through multiple tests for the Apple and Google Play Stores. As mentioned earlier, you can easily test the demo on both of these platforms to get an understanding of how it works.

Quick Turnaround

With the help of a complete white-label clone delivery app package, your delivery business will have a user app, a driver app, and a store app coupled with a website and an admin panel as well. All of this will be handed to you in just 1-2 weeks. Meanwhile, you can understand how all of these interfaces work and come up with an intelligent marketing campaign to promote your product creatively.

Highly Customizable

Just like every other app, these all-in-one delivery clone apps have source code or clone scripts that are bought from the app developers. These are licensed source codes, which means that once you purchase the script, it becomes your property. Now, you can do whatever you want with it. Imagine a fully functional, comprehensive, ready-made delivery app just waiting to be personalized as per your business needs.

Post-Release Support

Most white label firms offer one-year support in-app support so that you don’t have to worry about them. Once you launch your business, valuable feedback related to delivery, UI/UX, and even payment can occur, so you must be ready with the changes to build a great user experience. However, if a clone app is made for a wide range of businesses, it usually means that these white-label apps have gone through a huge series of tests. This reduces the risk of having bugs in the code.

Finding a Reliable White Label Delivery App Developer

Ideally, you are looking for a place that offers clones for every kind of business niche. Reliability often comes from professionalism, and this is true in the case of White Label Delivery App developers. However, the internet is full of such clone companies. Still, you have to choose a place that satisfies all your queries in a professional yet elaborate manner.

In order to be completely reliable, they must have a long list of clients that were once in the same state as you are right now. See their reviews about the company and check different places to see what kind of reputation they hold. Visit their office to verify their address and get to know them better.


Every new piece of technology is often a solution to a problem that has been a constant source of issues. For quite a while, app development was thought to be a costly affair, as it is now as well. However, now entrepreneurs have a choice that was not possible before. Now, tech and non-tech individuals can have an app of their own to compete with online delivery businesses. With a robust and attractive-looking app coupled with your upbringing in the market, there will be no one to take the customer away from you.

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