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Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Summer '24 Highlights
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Things are heating up over at Salesforce! The Summer '24 release brings updates and enhancements to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, including new tools to measure campaign success, create custom donor scores, collaborate on grant applications, and more. Let's dive into some of our favorite updates that will make this summer a breeze!


Measure Campaign Success on Marketing Cloud Growth Campaigns

You can now add outreach source codes to campaigns to track campaign success more easily using the campaign flow in Marketing Cloud Growth Edition. You are able to use existing source codes or create new ones for your campaigns.

Build Custom Scores to Understand Donor Behavior

Users can now build custom scores for donors to better understand donor behavior, determine their receptivity to particular campaigns or messaging, and develop more targeted and effective outreach. These scores are based on fields that reflect Recency, Frequency, and Monetary values to assign a score to each donor that can be viewed on the donor profile.

Generate Gift Acknowledgements and Receipts

It's now quick and easy to generate gift acknowledgments for individual transactions or end-of-the-year gifts and save them as a PDF. This makes it simple to send constituents a personalized acknowledgment or receipt with a customizable template. Additionally, you can track which transactions have been acknowledged and track no-tax-deductible gift amounts.

Store Multiple Constituent Addresses

Make sure your mailed outreach reaches your constituents at their correct, active address while still storing any inactive addresses (ex. if the constituent has a seasonal address.) Use the new seasonal, standardization, and change address fields by adding the preferred fields to the Contact Point Address layout. Then apply Contact Point Address as a related list to the Person Account page layout in the Lightning App Builder.

Update and Include Commitments with Business Process API

The Business Process API allows users to include more commitments and update donor information for gift commitments with faster and easier integrations with Nonprofit Cloud. You can use the Business Process Connect API endpoints to access the Business Process API tool.

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Create Recurring Gifts Using Gift Entry

Users can now streamline the new gift process by creating recurring gifts during the gift entry, saving time and effort. Salesforce will automatically create records for the gift commitment, gift commitment schedule, gift transaction, gift transaction designation, and gift default designation.

Program Management

Remove Participants From Upcoming Sessions

Users can now easily remove participants from scheduled sessions on one benefit session with a single action, saving time and effort. Previously, users had to remove participants from each benefit session.

Group Program Participants into Cohorts

You can now group your participants into cohorts by adding the new Program Cohort object to the existing Program Management console app. This feature allows you to move the cohort through the program together and compare each individual's progress against the rest of their cohort. You can also compare current cohorts to previous ones for insights into the program's effectiveness.

Comprehensive View of Program Delivery

Add the new Program Management Home Page to the Program Management console app to get a comprehensive view of your programs. This allows you to track your programs and benefits at a glance. You'll also get a snapshot of new inbound referrals and target tracking, as well as the ability to quickly add participants to upcoming sessions.

Case Management

Capture Interaction Notes Using a Guided Flow

Caseworkers can now easily capture meeting notes using a single guided flow. The flow can be used to write detailed notes, record attendees, record the date and time, add tags, and upload documents. The notes can be shared with other users and published to prevent further edits. This increases efficiency for caseworkers by giving them a single place to manage written and verbal communications.


Launch Complex Grant Applications

It's now simple to configure and launch a complex grant application that guides grant applicants through the process and shows which sections are still incomplete. This makes it easy and convenient for applicants to work on their applications over a period of time.

Measure the Success of Grants with Outcome Management

Users can now easily measure the impact and success of their grants and increase the visibility of your organization's strategy by indicating which funding opportunities or awards you expect to drive outcomes. With Experience Cloud, grant recipients can now outline and report on the impact of the grant they received.

Secure Collaboration on Grantmaking Applications

Grant applicants can now collaborate on applications easily with Compliant Data Sharing (CDS) for Grantmaking Objects.

Add Grantmaking Permission Sets to Permission Set Groups

Ensure your users always have the latest default permissions by creating custom permission sets and including them in a permission set group with the Grantmaking permission. Previously, users had to clone the Grantmaking permission set to customize permissions, so this will save time and streamline the permissions process.

Delete Individual Applications

Previously, users had to set each individual application to inactive status. Now, users can simply click Delete on individual applications that are no longer needed.

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From streamlining fundraising efforts to enhancing program management and grantmaking processes, these Summer '24 updates empower nonprofits to make an even greater impact on the communities they serve. Here's to a summer filled with growth, efficiency, and making a difference! If you’d like more information on these Nonprofit Cloud updates or if you want to view past updates, please visit the official Salesforce Summer '24 release notes.

If you have any questions about Salesforce or want to see any of the implementations in your own Salesforce organization, please get in touch with our team at DB Services!

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