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5 Ways Personalized Salesforce Customer Portal Brings Businesses and Customers Closer
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Whether you are in the hospitality, logistics, or education business, a customer portal solution helps you deal with several challenges. To be precise, a personalized Salesforce customer portal is an excellent tool for bringing your business and customers closer.

Giving your customer support agents a portal containing every record of your customers can help them serve better. But providing your customers with a well-organized self-service portal can do wonders, too. According to a Salesforce report, 61% of customers prefer to use a self-service portal to resolve issues they may face. These issues can be related to changing passwords, finding the steps to verify the documents, etc.

Imagine a one-stop shop for all your customer service needs. That's what a Salesforce customer portal is! It's like an online resource center where customers can find helpful information, track their orders, and view account details. The Salesforce customer portal is also called a self-service portal because customers can use it to find answers and solutions without waiting on hold for a customer service rep.

How Will a Salesforce Customer Portal Help Your Business?

As you already know, customer portals are as essential for businesses as having an entire team of seasoned agents. A Salesforce customer portal personalized to your needs can benefit you in multiple ways.

Delivery of Better Customer Experience

Clearly, the flexibility of using self-service sources to solve common issues makes customers the happiest. With the help of the portals that include a comprehensive knowledge base, including FAQs, blogs, and manuals, customers can find all the information they need in one place.

Furthermore, they can access their account information, past transactions, and all orders in one place. Also, if they have a query that needs the technical person's attention, they can use the portal to raise a ticket.

Put simply, customer portals providing self-service capabilities quickly reduce the dependency on customer support agents. The greatest thing about this portal is that users can access their accounts 24/7, making interaction with your business much more convenient.

Enhances Overall Efficiency

With the personalized Salesforce customer portal, you can automate multiple tasks, including:

  • Ticket creation

  • Route tickets to the customer support agents

  • Escalate unresolved cases quickly within a specified timeframe

  • Automatically update case status to customers

  • FAQ management

  • Invoice generation

Well, the list of things that a customer portal automates is long.

Enhanced automated customer support functions mean you, as the business, can quickly resolve the issues and lower the workload on your customer support teams.

Moreover, reducing manual work will allow your teams to focus on other complex cases, improving overall business efficiency.

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Foster Better Engagement with Customers

You will undoubtedly get better engagement if your customer portal can be accessed with a smartphone. Around 58.67 percent of global traffic comes directly from mobile devices instead of computers.

Source: Statista

To offer superior customer service, you need to offer omnichannel support. Since 75% of customers like to enjoy the flexibility of solving issues independently, it is your golden chance to provide them with the best portal for it.

You can also create discussion forums or user communities on your personalized Salesforce customer portal. It will help you build a strong community, engage with customers, and provide peer support more efficiently.

Generate Data-driven Insights

Customer portals play a significant role in helping businesses gain useful insights. Through the portals, businesses can gather information about every crucial aspect of their operations. For instance, these aspects can include analyzing customer behavior, preferences, rising trends, and common issues. Additionally, a business can collect feedback directly from the portals and use the insights to improve its services and address other customer needs.

Streamline Multiple Operating Processes

Building a personalized Salesforce customer portal lets you streamline several important business processes across different departments.

The Salesforce customer portal seamlessly integrates with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud, so the majority of your team's work is done. This kind of flexibility ensures task streamlining, so your teams can focus on other matters that need their urgent attention.

Let's imagine a scenario where a customer uses the portal to sign up for your business's newsletter and other promotional updates. This particular customer's preferences are now recorded in the Marketing Cloud integrated with the portal. On the cloud, all the preferences are appropriately segmented into marketing lists.

Well, how does it benefit your business? This system ensures that all the relevant marketing material is delivered to the right audience. In short, you can be confident that the intended message gets heard loud and clear by the correct group of customers. Furthermore, it will help you enhance your customer engagement and get a better response from your campaigns.

Customer Portal Features You Don't Want to Miss Out

Below are a few features you need to integrate into your personalized Salesforce customer portal.

  • Customizable widgets: users can easily add widgets to the portal and personalize it according to their needs.

  • Dynamic dashboards: users get to customize their dashboards according to their requirements. They can also add various elements to make the dashboard more functional.

  • Multi-language support: you can drive better customer satisfaction by offering multi-language support.

  • Role-based access: the personalized Salesforce customer portal offering role-based access gives users full authority and control of their accounts.

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Final Words

It's true that when businesses provide the right self-service support to customers, they can resolve issues quickly and with less friction. Furthermore, the personalized Salesforce customer support will allow your team to save more time and energy to focus on other critical tasks.

The question is, where can you get personalized customer support for your Salesforce CRM? CRMJetty offers advanced Salesforce customer portal solutions integrated with useful features. Regardless of your industry, you can set up the portals and get the most out of them in the blink of an eye.

To learn more about the personalized Salesforce customer portal, connect with us at [email protected].

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