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Cyntexa Partner Program: Characteristics & Benefits
by: Khushali Jain
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And finally, the time has come, where the team welcomes the new partners of Cyntexa! They are one of the most dedicated people at Cyntexa, and we are happy to announce each of them here. 

Do you also want to know the secret about how to be a part of this amazing partnership program at Cyntexa? Well, you have come to the right place! Here, you can find all the glory details of the same along with knowing more about our new partners.

What is the Cyntexa Partner Program?

The Cyntexa Partner Program recognizes Cyntexa’s members for their outstanding contributions to the company. 

Still, wondering who exactly is a partner of Cyntexa? To be more precise, Cyntexa’s Partner is an individual within the Cyntexa team who has contributed unconditionally towards the success of Cyntexa.

Moreover, Cyntexa Partner Status is awarded every year, which further stays valid for one year. Every year, we welcome new partners, and they become legitimate for the next fiscal year.

Now, let’s discuss Cyntexa Partner’s characteristics and know what qualities you are required to become a partner at Cyntexa.

Characteristics of Cyntexa Partner

Let’s know more about Cyntexa Partner’s characteristics in a brief manner while knowing about each of its values one-by-one. They are as follows:


As you know that in this business world, reputation comprises almost everything. Your clients need to trust you to provide them with the best solution to their requirements. Investors need to trust you to put their money to the best use to deliver a profitable, sustainable business. If you act with integrity, people will trust you, and your recognition will spread faster than anything else you could ever come up with. Similarly, a lack of integrity will add up to your disadvantage.

Working with integrity will enable you to have better relationships with the team, partners, and clients. Furthermore, it adds up to your advantage for this partner program.


“Leadership is the ability to get others to follow and to lead them to do the right thing.” Our next value seeks the right kind of leader in you. Good leaders do not force or impose on others. Rather, they convince their fellow teammates of what they are required to do so that the action for work comes from within.

This leadership quality can bring you a greater advantage through this Partner program.


Visionary leaders are tasked with helping others move towards innovation and further upbringing a new direction. Therefore, if any business is planning to move to the next level and take over new initiatives or re-evaluate its primary vision, a visionary leader is most likely the person they should go along with.

This value is similar to the continuous learning process of Cyntexa so that there are ongoing innovations and success, which would enable the company to grow along with its valued partners. 


“Passion” in the workplace consists of several factors; being in the right job is critical. That further means to love what you do and be ready for the entire work’s main aspects. Moreover, working in the right team is also a key factor in the level of motivation.

Sell Faster

Being passionate about your work is one of the basic qualities that we require from our partners to lead the team and company with the same passion.


Your level of expertise will improve as you start working with us with passion and gaining all the values mentioned above. With this experience, you’ll be able to lead your team efficiently. Through this, the company will be at an advantage as well as you. With this increased level of experience, you’ll be a bit closer while becoming a part of Cyntexa’s Partner Program!

Nomination Criteria

Let’s see what all parameters are required to become a Cyntexa Partner:

Customer Success:

Customer Success is determined with three factors- Client Recommendations, Client Referrals, Client Reviews. The number of client recommendations you have received will give you an amazing experience and help you gain your presence in the partner program. Along with the same, the quality provided to the clients by you would bring good reviews and referrals, which would benefit you at the same level as the company. 

Innovation and Continuous Learning:

As said by a great philosopher, “Developers never stop learning”. With the same thought, Cyntexa gives you an opportunity to learn continuously and bring innovations to your work. Several factors are considered here, which would be counted as your advantage. These include – number of blogs that you have written on, the number of AppExchange apps that have been listed by you or you are a part of, efforts you have put in to train your colleagues, your SetYourDay activities, initiating a new service vertical at Cyntexa, and the number of new teammates that we have got because of your referral.

Team Spirit:

As Michael Jordan has rightly said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”, our third value is also based on the same thought. Two simple factors can showcase team Spirit. The first one is Nomination by team members. For this one, you need to make sure that you help your team members so that they’ll nominate you later on. The second one is the Nomination by partners, wherein the current partners will tell about what they think about you.

Work Hard and Fast:

The next factor will determine how you have done hard work over the given period. This further is judged through Client Billing. Client Billing will also be a major parameter that will define whether you will be the next Cyntexa’s partner or not.


Paul J. Meyer has rightly said that “Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success”. Similarly, our next value is based on the same and will further be judged through three factors. The first factor will focus on your speaking engagements. The second one will focus on the number of best answers you have provided to help people on the Trailblazer Community and Partner Community. The last factor will be focusing on your valuable ideas for enhancement in operations for which we are always happy to hear.


And then there is no work without fun, right? Well, the last characteristic or our sixth value is Fun. Here, we need your help to create a healthy, fun-loving environment at Cyntexa by initiating team-building activities. The number of team-building activities you have initiated at Cyntexa will surely count as an advantage for this partner program.

Cyntexa’s Partner Benefits

Now, let’s have a quick glance over the benefits of being a Cyntexa Partner and know what’s there for you in it.

Partner Trip:

Cyntexa Partners will get a free trip to travel for the Cyntexa Partner Summit. And, all the expenses will be paid by Cyntexa. This year they are taking them on a fun adventure in Thailand.


Yes, it’s not a joke as Cyntexa will share the profit annually with its partners.

Get Featured on Website:

We would love to showcase our shining stars. For the same, the partners will get featured on Cyntexa’s website.

Free Salesforce Certifications:

One of the most amazing perks of being Cyntexa’s Partner is access to 3 free Salesforce Certifications.

Senior Partner Benefits:

But, there’s more if you become a senior partner. You can become a Senior Partner if you become a partner of Cyntexa for consecutive three years in a row. And the benefits will be doubled. Let’s have a quick glance over the same as well:

Free Salesforce Certifications:

One of the most amazing perks of being Cyntexa’s Senior Partner is access to 5 free Salesforce Certifications.

Right to Vote in Internal Discussions:

Senior Partners will get the right to vote in crucial internal team discussions.

Profit-Sharing for Senior Partners:

Cyntexa will share the profit annually with its senior partners.


Senior Partners will get the free pass for the Salesforce Dreamforce session.

Congratulations to our 2021 Cyntexa Partners

And now, the time has finally come when we would showcase our 2021 Cyntexa Partners! With their level of passion and expertise, Cyntexa has grown more in professional terms and we would like to see such amazing partners in coming years as well! 

Our Valued Partners of 2021 are as follows:

  1. Shrey Sharma – CEO
  2. Vishwajeet Srivastava – CTO
  3. Vaibhav Vyas – Director of Sales
  4. Vineet Bhagchandani – Delivery Manager
  5. Aryan Chopra – Technical Lead
  6. Sonali Sharma – HR Manager
  7. Tanushri Goyal – Salesforce Pre-Sales Consultant
  8. Shubham Gupta – Technical Lead
  9. Ashish Saini – Software Developer
  10. Priyanshu Bhargava – Technical Lead
  11. Mohit Kothari – Technical Lead
  12. Mukund Khandelwal – Technical Lead
  13. Jagrat Maheshwari – Technical Lead
  14. Saral Pareek – Technical Lead
  15. Mohit Jain – Operations Manager
  16. Vivek Sharma – Software Developer


“Opportunities increase when you help others win. A little win for a partner is a little win for you.” Join us and become our partner, and let’s aim to make Cyntexa achieve heights and success in the coming years!

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