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Boost Deal Productivity with Salesforce Quip
by: Khushali Jain
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Boost Deal Productivity
with Salesforce Quip





Salesforce Quip


Build and Implement

They are one of the leading organizations in the UK in terms of revenue generation. They have been using Salesforce as a CRM for their sales team for the last five years. The Company has noticed a constant downfall in sales despite having the full potential to grow. They contacted us for the same, and our consultants suggested they implement a Salesforce Quip to boost their deal productivity.

Project Challenges

Project Challenges

Following are the challenges which they were facing:

  • Reps spend more time on manual administrative tasks: Nowadays, two-third of the rep’s time is spent on manual activities which do not generate revenue for the company. That results in less time is spent on sales.
  • Salesforce reps aren’t ramping fast enough: It is a very common challenge for any sales team. Whenever a new rep joins the team, they take a good time to ramp up and show impact on the sales despite being good in their previous work. 
  • Static Account Plans: Due to static accounts, teams always get siloed. In a static account, working members don’t get any access to real-time data, and due to which sometimes valuable data gets missed.
  • Sales rep processes aren’t standardized: Sales teams do whatever they can to win the deal. They don’t follow a standard procedure and look to increase their number and to cut sales time. But sometimes, it can also impact adversely on the deal.

Project Solutions

Project Solutions

We implemented the following solution to overcome the above challenges for our client.

  • Maximizing Selling Time With Intelligent Automation: Process and Flow builders provide almost 17 Quip actions that help automate consistent business processes, which saves the team’s time.

Project Results

Witness the increase in productivity and reduction in time upon successful delivery of the project.
Sales time by the reps increased by
Business sales increased by
Manual efforts decreased by
Management of data improved by

Client Review

Best Consulting Company
The team is knowledgeable and hard working. They have suggested us the right solution that helped us in increasing our sales.

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