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Salesforce Field Service Lightning: Features & Benefits
by: Naval Saini
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Salesforce Field Service Lightning
Salesforce Field Service Lightning


Field service lightning by Salesforce is a high-performance mobile-oriented field service hub by Salesforce. It is specially produced to meet the interest of enterprises with mobile workforce and contracts. This solution is loaded with the right tools and capabilities for empowering such enterprises to optimize workforce distribution for better performance delivery. There are certified salesforce field service lightning consultants to help the enterprise clients gain optimum benefits out of their investment in Salesforce field service lightning. 

It is specially built to offer a purpose-built dynamic automated solution for maximizing operational efficiency in the field service ecosystem. With smart field service delivery and top-of-the-line process optimization, and other relevant features, the FSL can act as a differentiating factor for achieving better customer satisfaction.


What is Salesforce Field Service Lightning?

Field service lightning by Salesforce is a part of Service Cloud that promotes support department’s productivity by assisting in handling data and records of customers in the Salesforce field of Service Cloud– a single platform that facilitates, speeds up, and accelerates phone to field services. 

Many organizations send their agents in the field for various tasks, including repairing, regular service, installations, professional services, etc. The challenge is how to monitor, manage and optimize the performance of such a mobile task force. 

Field service lightning by Salesforce is gaining wide recognition among the users as it has organized the disparate business processes in a compelling, more efficient manner without delays or discrepancies. Instead of manually tracking the stock, vehicles, or employees- a highly stressful task, the businesses can now quickly align the staff, time, and place in such an efficient manner so that it precisely satisfies the customers’ requirements. All this is made possible by the sophisticated customization features of FSL.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning Features

  • Offers powerful capabilities to administrators for criteria-based configuration and management of specific work rules. It helps in effective monitoring and management of different business preferences, regions, and SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to help businesses deliver personalized customer services to each client. 
  • Electronic signature tracing feature for work orders as well as service reports. 
  • Option of Field Service Lightning Reps activation to efficiently accomplish work orders while executing services on the job site.
  • Automate assigning precise time recommendations for customers as per the pending schedules and traveling time to the location.
  • Offers extensive, anywhere support by 3000 field service representatives, which includes both mobile workforce staff and contractors.

Benefits of Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Salesforce FSI provides several benefits for the clients by its powerful range of features that help in monitoring, coordination, and performance acceleration of the mobile workforce. For ensuring a streamlined journey, you can hire a salesforce field service lightning consultant to guide you through the entire process and help you gain maximum out of your FSL org. With professional Salesforce Field Service Lightning Implementation Services, you can get the most out of your mobile workforce in a way that perfectly aligns with your specific business needs. Here are a few major benefits of Salesforce Field Service Lightning:

Benefits of Salesforce Field Service Lightning

1. Seamless Integration and Management of Work Orders

SDFC Field Service Lightning facilitates work order creation and management and helps seamless integration of your work orders across cases, accounts, contacts, and other key elements. It allows for quick viewing and management of work from Gantt chart or map view. To make things easier, it also offers you access to knowledge articles and allows for SLA compliance tracking.

2. Assign Jobs Smartly Based on Availability and Skills

It is equipped with strong capabilities like crew tracking, smart scheduling, equipment, and tools tracking. Using smart task scheduling first evaluates the location, availability, and skills and allocates tasks to the most appropriate employees for ensuring the best possible outcome without latencies or discrepancies.

3. Leverage AI to Increase First-time Fix Rate

With the help of Einstein’s vision, the tool enables mobile employees to quickly recognize different parts and assets in the images that streamline things for them. With the advanced image classification capabilities, it becomes much easier to describe the relevant steps that technicians should take for enhancing work quality and minimizing turnaround time.

4. Organize Job from any Mobile Device

The SFDC field service lightning empowers you to greatly improve the first visit resolution and provide enterprise-grade mobile solutions with reliable job schedule delivery based on specific criteria. It gives your mobile manpower and easy access to the entire onsite management, multiplying their output capabilities.  

Specifically built for catering to the practical task requirements of the mobile workforce, the FSL mobile apps actively help businesses and the workforce. The mission-critical key features of FSL can work uniformly in either mode- online or offline with equal proficiency. It includes inventory divisibility, knowledgebase, real-time interaction, and Einstein’s AI.

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5. Make Smarter Decisions Faster

The app significantly improves decision-making capabilities by providing you with powerful analytics features. These features provide dispatchers and managers instant access to the KPIs and performance status for different operations. Giving them foresight into possible issues also empowers them to move data from different platforms and take proactive actions to resolve the issues before they turn into problems and complaints. 

6. Enhances Employee Efficiency and Productivity

This platform efficiently manages the assets, contacts, and salesforce cases data. It accounts for the work orders, which helps offer fully personalized services to the clients and allows the technicians to make maximum use of the field time. With the help of optimized scheduling, the employees’ flexibility is positively increased, which interprets better performance delivery. It provides you with easy technical options to customize the work orders. With its accurate job schedule distribution features, you can have greater control over productivity.

 It is extremely important to accurately track and manage the data movement process to cater to the customer’s special needs. With its real-time collaboration live agent feature, the FSL builds a strong connection between the support person, employees, and the customers, thus keeping everyone on the same page and knowing the things- moment to moment.

7. Improved Inventory Management

The salesforce field service lightning inventory management facilitates real-time products/components monitoring and makes the data accessible to every user regardless of location. It streamlines the real-time inventory mentioning process to ensure effective business assets management.

8. Create a Great Customer Experience

 With its mission-critical features and tools, the FSL helps you resolve the issues before disturbing the customer experience. It facilitates personalized service delivery and ensures customer loyalty which eventually helps in long-term customer retention.

This app’s different tools and techniques help significantly reduce the latency, quick service delivery through phones, powerful real-time collaboration, and accurate monitoring. Collectively these capabilities help in significantly enriching the customer experience.

How Field Service Lightning Works?

These are three essential partners involved in the whole process of Field Service Lightning:

  1. The CCE enters the record of services requested by the client in the service cloud and books specialists’ appointments.
  2. The dispatch console is built on the top of the service cloud console inside Salesforce CRM. It works with various records, field professionals’/experts’ appointments, and works wonders.
  3. The FSL mobile apps are used by field technicians to obtain and update service orders and individually view different client records and correspondent data. They can also request client signatures. 

For ensuring optimum output from your FSI, you hire the services of a certified Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant to implement FSL, understand your specific business needs and provide the required services to ensure optimum results. 

You can hire FSI consultants to help you use FSI in the most efficient manner so that it should precisely cater to your unique organizational needs. . They provide services like implementation Time Tracking Setup, Inventory Management, Work Order Setup, Service Reports Setup, and Crew Scheduling.

By providing them with the complete relevant information in an easy-to-view format, the FSL assists mobile workers to know the right place and time they need to be present. Being equipped with mission-critical data and information, the mobile workers can deliver fully personalized service to the clients. It significantly enhances the client experience and makes the relations even stronger. Providing competent tools and techniques facilitates the strategic distribution of the mobile workforce for optimum productivity. One can easily modify the distribution based on any real-time factors and update their clients about the real-time status of any process, which helps keep everyone on the same page and thus avoid guesswork or miscommunication.

FSL empowers them to competently deal with their field jobs even if there’s a limited or no internet connection, thanks to the offline Android and iOS applications. It also offers them a single platform for managing the workers and other executives.

Facilitates creation of work orders and applications from the salesforce service cloud console and offers seamless integrations into existing accounts, contracts or records.

Provides powerful capabilities to track client assets, resources, and computerized service schedule setup as per the resource data of clients, which helps in streamlining the entire monitoring process.

With smart scheduling, the efficiency of field workforce optimization can radically be improved.

The dispatchers can competently track the service delivery and monitor the entire process with complete transparency through the Dispatcher console, which is the major working point.

You may also opt for Service reports creation and custom field service lightning reports creation by purchasing and integrating a separate license for wave analytics. It equips you with powerful data analytics capabilities.


Cyntexa is a Salesforce Development Company in USA that provides FSL implementation and consulting services for a better and agile service delivery to your customers. With zero delays, high accuracy, and competent services, you can provide personalized customer experiences. The field service lightning in Salesforce helps you with a single platform to optimize the efficiency of your mobile workforce through your Smartphone and satisfy your customers with excellent service delivery. 


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