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How To Reach Potential Customers With Salesforce Integration?
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Every business wants to reach its potential customers in the simplest possible way. In this context, marketers or business leaders aim at connecting with the customers at every touchpoint, offering them a superior experience in all domains. Salesforce integration services can certainly be one of the most effective options for marketers on this aspect. Now, how can Salesforce be useful in reaching potential customers? Check out the abstracts below to explore more on this matter.

Exploring the Key Tools

       1. Cloud Connect

It becomes easier to reach and engage with a potential customer if personalized content is delivered. Cloud Connect can be useful in this regard as it is meant for providing content in a personalized way at every touchpoint to the potential customer. Naturally, this makes the customers more satisfied, and the chances of him/her converting into a buyer become higher.

       2. Analytics Builder

Marketers can make most of the tool called Analytics Builder upon salesforce integration. The best part about the tool is that it enables marketers to measure their efforts and clarify potential customer interests through different channels. Through the process, a marketer can obtain handy insights to deliver customized solutions for greater engagement.

       3. Personalization and Content Builder

Marketers can explore Content Builder, a tool for strategically placing the searched details through Marketing Cloud. Together with Personalization Builder, these tools can provide highly valuable insights upon having clarity about the customers’ preferences. It is often used for establishing effective strategies for customer engagement. Upon hiring expert salesforce integration services, marketers can explore advanced features of it.

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       4. Audience Builder

Marketers can utilize Audience Builder for segmenting the mailing list that can help grab the opportunities smarter upon knowing the customer characteristics better.

       5. Journey Builder

This fantastic tool enables marketers to establish customer journeys in an automated fashion and better interact with the prospect. It prepares trials for intuitive customer engagement that makes them (customers) feel valuable. Most importantly, it allows marketers to explore different channels of marketing from one point.

Combination with Pardot Can Do Magic for B2B marketers

B2B marketers can optimize their campaigns better upon exploring the Pardot platforms upon making the marketing process automated. Above all, these tools facilitate steady lead transitions from the marketing department to that of sales. Upon integrating Salesforce with Pardot, marketers can find it easy to keep track of leads and details of customers all through the lifecycle of the customers. It helps allocate fresh leads, track what action the prospect takes, segment Pardot marketing records, and prepare ROI reports for the campaigns.

Providing Minute Customer Details

Reaching potential customers becomes easy when a marketer has better data about the consumers. They can use smarter strategies upon having clarity about purchasing the plan of the consumers. This is exactly where hiring Salesforce integration services can be useful for you. Using the automation tools helps marketers in collecting useful details about the potential customers.

For example, starting from the number of downloads, duration spent on a page, the channel through which visitors reached the site, to the most visited pages, a marketer can obtain clarity about everything. It can even provide details on exactly at what time the most number of visitors visit.

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The scope of converting a potential customer remains higher from a huge number of visitors. Integrating all such key details along Salesforce can help sales professionals better engage with the customers. Analyzing details through different touchpoints can help marketers figure out the exact interest of the customer. Needless is to say that reaching the most potential customer becomes easy through the process.

Salesforce Integration Provides Exactly What Marketers Seek

All said and done, Salesforce integration enables the marketers to run personalized campaigns providing meticulous details about the visitors. It makes the marketing strategy smarter upon facilitating better customer engagement. With a whole range of tools available, as explained above, it helps marketers by saving their valuable time that would have been wasted simply to track the potential customers and knowing their interests. Overall, Salesforce integration can help to reach potential customers by providing details of their behavior at every touchpoint.

GetOnCRM, Salesforce Integration Consultants with many years of experience, help you to attach a wide variety of platforms to your sales API. Deliver your business better customer experiences, invest in Salesforce integration services, and avail the best returns.

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