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Step by Step Guide to Using Data Table in Salesforce Flow
by: asagarwal
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Data Table in Salesforce Flow

Salesforce Winter ’23 Release introduced “Data Table” in Salesforce Flows. With data table, you can display multiple records in a Screen-Flow, let users select one or multiple records and process the selected records based on your business requirements. Or you may just want to display a list of records without providing the option to select anything.

Here are some of the use cases for the data table

  • Let users select a list of records and then update those records with specific values
  • Let users select a list of records and delete those records
  • Or just display a list of records based on certain criteria

Before the data table, you needed to write custom code using Visualforce page, Aura, or Lightning Web Component to meet the similar requirements. But do note that currently there is no option to edit the values directly in the data table.

The data table can be created using the ‘Get Records’ element or using resource of ‘Collection’ type.

In this step-by-step guide, we will allow users to create multiple Contacts for an Account, display the newly added Contacts & existing Contacts in data table and let users ‘unselect’ the newly added Contact if they don’t want to save it.

This guide is just an illustration of how to use data table in Salesforce Flow in just under 30 minutes. And you can then let your imagination run wild and explore how this feature can be used to meet your business requirements and potentially reduce some of the custom codes.

Please do note that this feature is available in Winter ’23 Release of Salesforce, which will be rolling into production and sandbox orgs from 09-Sep-2022 to 14-Oct-2022. So be sure to ensure that your org has been updated with Winter ’23 release before trying this out.

What are we trying to build

In the following video, let’s first see what are we trying to build?

Now, let’s build this Flow

Ok, now that you understand what we are trying to build, here the complete guide on how to build this screen-flow containing data table – step by step.

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